One Million Listens

One Million Listens

Tom Evans on Insight TimerThis month I reached a milestone which was not in my wildest of wild dreams and not on any To Do List, or set of goals. My meditations and podcasts on mindfulness have been listened to over 1 million times.

When we hit milestones like this, it’s a good idea to reflect back on how it was achieved and what unexpected events happened along the way.

It also pays dividends to say thanks, so big thanks to Insight Timer for making it happen and thanks to all the 280,000 meditators who listened in. This means many of them tuned in multiple times.

How it happened

The reflections are nicely captured in this podcast with fellow Insight Timer meditation guides, Louisa Tanner Munson and Carl Munson.

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The unexpected events

#1 : I made a transition from an author who had some meditations as accessories to his books to becoming a popular meditation guide who happens to be an author.

#2 : This directly lead to a new career as a keynote speaker and trainer in practical applications of mindfulness.

#3 : I was commissioned to create seven meditations to help with weight management directly as a result of a meditator, and his 3 year old son, listening. The composer of the ambient background  music is Eternell, found through the app.

#4 : The popularity of Just for Today, my most listened to meditation, lead me to creating a series of daily nuggets of mindfulness of the same name. They attracted the illustrator, Siri Stiklestad Opli, and ended up in a book I didn’t plan to write and the formation of a contribution currency initiative on Patreon.

#5 : my new found status has lead to co-authoring a new book called The Big Ü and the creation of an advanced personal development programme called The Biggest Ü. It has been immensely useful in giving credibility and authority to this initiative.

#6 : a steady stream of new clients for my more esoteric self-study courses and 1-2-1 mentoring.

#7 : giving me confidence at the grand old age of 60 to finally put my head fully above the parapet.

Above all it has been the most enjoyable journey and gives me such pleasure to know that 3000 or so people each day are calmer, more relaxed and hopefully a little more enlightened.

All because Maddy Gerrard reached out in August 2016 to ask if I’d like to upload a meditation.

“It only takes one domino to make many others fall down …”

New Magic Dominoes

Big thanks to Maddy, Chris, Nico, Bayley, the rest of the team and the generous benefactors who make the impossible possible. Thanks also to the 4 million and more meditators and all my fellow meditation guides for making the best by far free app on the planet.

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How to Spot a Humangel

How to Spot a Humangel

HumangelsFrom time to time an angel reincarnates on the Earth plane. They are normally from the lower ranks. Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart is good example of one. They are known as Humangels.

They come to re-learn or re-experience. They come to observe. They come to support at time of transition. Like all forms of life, they are sometimes Angels-in-waiting.

They are all around us and here’s how to spot one:

  • They are drawn to the caring, teaching, healing or creative professions.
  • They often don’t know what they are.
  • They are too humble, and can be quite scared, to acknowledge what they are.
  • They have a twinkle in their eye.
  • They can heal with a touch.
  • They can heal with a thought.
  • They see the world with different eyes.
  • They see the future and can change what’s past.
  • They are mavericks and abhor convention and dogma.
  • They bring messages and fresh wisdom.
  • They bring oodles of serendipity.
  • They are both claircogniscent and clairsentient.
  • They perform what looks like magic.
  • They turn up repeatedly in your life at your turning points and forks in your road.
  • Their messages arrive in unexpected ways and forms.
  • They are the harbingers of serendipity.

Pay attention the next time a bell rings … it might be for you.