Being Seen and Heard

Being Seen and Heard

Being Seen

This month I did something I have been meaning to do for ages, I had some new photography done for my site.

The wonderful Maria O’Brien of Haiga Photography popped over to my house on a glorious pre-spring day. You’ll find my mugshot on all main pages of the site now, as opposed to me hiding away down somewhere deep.

I am so pleased at what she did and am wondering why I spent so long just hiding behind my voice on meditations, audiobooks and my podcast. Time to be seen, as well as heard.

Here’s a few of the fun ones …

If you fancy some photos that show your essence, get in touch with Maria.

Death from the skies

Pleasant Plucker

Through the looking glass


Being Heard : Podcasting Again

Now the first draft of Soulwaves, the novel, is in the can – more on that in the next blog – I dusted off The Zone Show podcast this month and started it up again.

In this episode, I chat to Jelena Adzic about her transition from meditator to meditation guide on Insight Timer.

You will hear from Jelena again in the next episode when she turns the tables on me when we talk about said novel … and the next page I am turning.

A Meditator’s Journey

by Tom Evans chatting to Jelena Adzic

Being Heard Even More

I’m thrilled that my new 30 day course, Mindfulness for Busy People, is now live on Insight Timer.

The new course format has allowed me to collate meditations from many sources of mine into the app into one cohesive container. The course contains a mix of remastered existing meditations along with brand new ones that link the whole 30 day narrative together.

It’s ideal for both new and experienced meditations – discover a new way of busy-ness today

My Biz My Way Part 2

My Biz My Way Part 2

Judith Morgan, Your Biz Your WayThis time last year I was invited by Judith Morgan to reflect on how I did my business my way.

A year on, or another Sun orbit, I thought it worthwhile to reflect on how it all went.

You can read the first blog here …

Soulwave Update

A stroke for my father in law, the death of my mother in law and a hip replacement for my wife all conspired to delay the publication until my 62nd orbit. No more books are getting in the way. It will be out before I am 62!

See The Slowest Book I’ve Written for more and publication timings …

The Big Ü

The book came out as planned on the 8th August 2018 – a significant date for my wonderful co-author, Laurence Udell. It’s the first book I have published simultaneously in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook formats – with four brand new meditations from yours truly. It is already opening hearts and minds and will be spawning two other programmes – the Bigger Ü and the Biggest Ü. It has also lead to high-end mentoring as well as talks, keynotes and workshops in the corporate sector. It’s turned out to be not only a mind-opener but door opener too.

Is it a book, an audiobook or a movement?

Insight Timer

Around May 2018, I reached over 1 million meditations on the app … it’s currently at 1.6m and climbing. While still free, a significant event happened and my first 10 day course went live – The Art of Timefulness.

It’s just about to be joined by a second 30 day course – Mindfulness for Busy People. The result is that a steady income is now flowing which takes the pressure of having to take on billing work.

Getting the whole world meditating …

Projects X, Y & Z

You might thing that this lot is enough for most people but three other projects are coming along already. I can’t say too much about them but can just share that the next orbit of the Sun is already looking bright.

Project X – there is a new initiative bubbling on Insight Timer to make things grow still further.

Project Y – The Zone Show podcast has been dormant while I finish off the novel. Listen out for two new episodes this month as it’s just about to take off again, in a bigger and brighter way.

Project Z – just imagine that everything you had been working for was meant to be. Things are coming together in to a new phase.