Time to Lift Off








Soulwaves Insertions 3D coverSo 15 years and 15 books ago, I wrote the first draft of Soulwaves : A Future History which was eventually was published on the 1st New Moon of 2020.

Since then, the novel has inspired the creation of an album of five hours of ambient music and a meditation series called the Soul-full Path, which spans over four hours.

More significantly, somewhat ironically thanks to lockdown, the 2nd book in the anthology is now written and ready for launch on January 13th 2021 – the first New Moon of the next orbit of our home star.

What’s more, in 2021, it will be augmented by a series of 12 ambient tracks, 12 meditations on numbers and 12 lectures on numerology!

You can pre-order it today or, if you can’t wait, the audiobook is already available.

So what’s the book about ?

Well it’s not just a sequel to the novel but a prequel too – along with a couple of tales that run in parallel. While Soulwaves : A Future History details an insertion from birth right through to extraction, the new book details 12 different ways that the 12 Councillors of the Light enter the Density to nudge things along from time to time. Talking about time to time, it starts before time began and ends when time kind of runs out. Watch these two videos to find out more.


As we are in strange times and probably in 3rd lockdown early in 2021, I am hosting a Virtual Book Launch at 7pm UK time on the 13th January 2021.

Come along and meet the co-creators, without whom the book would not be the gem that it is … and be the recipient of a special New Year gift and offer that will keep on giving over the year …

… sign up here, get a free sample chapter and I’ll notify you where you can watch and interact with the launch.

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