A Magnum Opus

A Magnum Opus

Boring ebookWhen you embark on an unknown path, you can guarantee a few things will occur. Firstly, you might get lost or stuck. Secondly, you might find new places, bump into new people and stumble across new opportunities. Thirdly, you may end up somewhere you never imagined.

I am fortunate and blessed that the second and third of these eventualities has fallen into my lap. To date, I have managed to deliver all the planned materials (and a few surprises to me) for the Path to Overstanding.

I knew that about now, seven moonths along the Path, things were about to open up considerably for me and those wandering along the Path with me. I had no idea however quite how significant the unfolding would be.

I have just started an exposition of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It is one of the Master Recipes that I planned to share as it contains all 22 of the Flavours of Thought (and some more still). 

The problem I have always had with studying it is how complex it has been made by those holding its keys. Study of Hebrew, Gematria and all sorts of arcane and obfuscating language form a huge barrier and steep learning curve for those who would like to benefit from the secrets held in this magical glyph.

I am fortunate that years of experience with meditation is actually the key to embracing its wisdom. So I am embarking on tuning in directly to the emanations of the Tree itself – there are 10 of them. As I do so, I am writing and recording brand new meditations so others can follow my steps. At the same time, I am aiming to un-obfuscating the language.

All in all, it is turning out to be much more of a magnum opus that I had ever imagined. I have always loved Paul Foster Case’s book, The Key to the Wisdom of Ages. It has been put to me by those Above, that what I am writing is the Keys to The Key to the Wisdom. I like to think of it as the “Keys for Dummies”.

So on this New Moon, the first batch of content is delivered which explores what is referred to as The Master Pattern. It’s only the first unveiling. There is more to come including no less than me revealing The Tree of Overstanding which is like the Tree of Life on steroids. It goes way Above and way down Below to dimensions not usually touched explicitly by the conventional Tree of Life.

Go to my home page for subscription options, or to take the first step for free …

If you want to dip your toes in the water first, there’s a couple of events I should draw your attention to. 

On the 7th Sept, at 2pm UK time, fellow Tarot enthusiast and Insight Time meditation guide, Keziah Gibbons, will be interviewing me about how the Tarot found me.

Register for free here …

On the 21st Sept, again at 2pm UK time, I am running my second workshop on Insight Timer where I reveal what Overstanding the Tarot is all about.

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Soul Separation : Soul Integration

Soul Separation : Soul Integration

Soul Separation

One way to understand the behaviour of some actors in recent geopolitical events is to see them in the context of the ego and the soul : so from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective.

Take Boris Johnson – some would say please – and what it appears is that we are seeing the behaviour of a narcissist, someone acting mainly for his own personal gain, to the detriment of others around him – even members of his own family, not just those he was employed to serve. He may well operate with an overarching goal for world peace, and status, but his ethics, lack of focus, loose grasp on the concept of leadership, his relationship with decency and the truth as well as his somewhat corrupt practices seem to let him down. Perhaps the job is too big for him and he’s been promoted above his level of competence (yet again).

We see another narcissist in the lost soul of Donald Trump, as an incarnated being who exhibits sociopathic behaviour. His last acts as president demonstrate this unsavoury character trait, what with the denial of the electoral process and the incitement of others to rise up to further his cause, to their detriment and his benefit.

This article about how to spot a sociopath makes good reading. Be careful not to let one into your world.

15 Signs of a Sociopath: Traits & Characteristics

Then we have who appears to be a completely disconnected soul in the form of Vladimir Putin who is surely a psychopath by acting out a personal agenda which is killing and injuring other human beings, including his own countrymen. No matter what his motivation is, there are other ways of annexing another territory these days. Cultural and ideological annexation is one example. Be the change, as Ghandi said.

For some insight into the similarities and difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, see this article:


Around the world, we have many other political leaders committing all sorts of atrocities. Then again we also have many who are competent, committed and empathetic. It’s just that they don’t make the headlines, getting on as they do quietly serving those who elected them.

No matter if the behaviour of an out-of-control so-called leader. is narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic, the root cause is when the ego separates from the soul and the spiritual connection is lost. It is worth noting that this is something that happens for most people as they leave the womb and gain self-awareness. Our life’s journey and our personal evolution then plays out and, if we are lucky, we are encouraged to find our soul again.

By the way, I only name names as it gives context. I don’t know these people/souls personally so I can only judge on what I see and hear in the media. I may be wrong. If I do them a disservice and especially if they or any of their entourage would like to explore the ego-soul connection, do get in touch as it is never too late to do so and reverse a lifetime of disconnection.

Soul Reconnection

The Soul-full PathThere are many ways to forge a soul reconnection. For many, and classically, this has been the role of religion. As the world becomes increasingly secular, possibly as religions have not evolved for hundreds of years, there are other paths people choose.

A safe and agnostic method of soul reconnection is to immerse yourself in art or find yourself in nature. Some also find their path, and soul, through adventure, travel and sports. For some, the adrenalin rush of a sky dive or bungee jump creates a deeper and instant connection between our mortal body and our free spirit. Some lucky astronauts forge a deep connection with the cosmos while orbiting the earth.

For those actively seeking a spiritual path, meditation and mindfulness are extremely useful tools to open up a direct comms channel with our soul. If you are that way inclined, this can be delivered by practicing a more structured approach with Buddhism. If you prefer a more maverick, and less formal approach, do have a listen to my free playlist of 16 meditations on Insight Timer called the Soul-full Path.


Soul Integration

The Path To OverstandingAfter some years following a soulful path, and being mindful, timeful and kindful, we find our it is our soul that leads the way for us. With the ego connected to and listening to the prompts of the soul, we take a step up our evolutionary ladder.

If adversity pops its head up, it is just a sign that there is an alternate and better way : or a better timing. Serendipity and opportunity rocks up each day. Sometimes we only appreciate it a while after. In general, life becomes a breeze when we are kind to ourselves, other and the planet as a whole.

Everything comes full circle and the world and the cosmos is kind back to us in return. The actors I mention by name above should pay heed to this maxim. It is a Way to Be.

Our soul is not done yet and our evolution can go around and spiral up once more. It is possible for the soul to descent into our incarnate body. When this occurs, at the same time we go through a personal ascension. This can happen spontaneously and indeed it happens to some that go through a near-death experience, or NDE. When we on the cusp of life and death, the veil is thin and the soul can step in.

There is a less traumatic way to achieve this in a process that has indeed been called “a death-less reincarnation”. I have known about this process for around a decade but now I am ready to share it far and wide, for those who are ready.

The Path to Overstanding has been open for six months now and the materials to date have been introductory in nature. Starting at the end of Summer, I am revealing the process of soul integration.

Why now you may be right to ask? Well the world events I mention at the start of this blog call for the unleashing of ‘weapons’ of mass ascension. Now more than ever, it is key for us to make love in the widest sense, not war.

Walk the path with me here …

Stepping off the Path

Stepping off the Path

The Path To OverstandingI am now 6 moonths into my 24 moonth project, creating the Path to Overstanding. It will come as no surprise that a project of this nature is somewhat like pulling yourself up with your own bootstraps. As I develop and create the materials, my own overstanding increases.

This is somewhat augmented by the ‘uberstanding’ conversations I have each moonth too.

As an example, I am sharing the latest one ‘publically’ to give you an idea of the sorts of themes and topics we explore.

moho In FranceIt’s important when working on such a big project to take a break from time to time. Accordingly, we spent most of June away in France in the motorhome. This meant that in May, I had to create all of June’s materials, as well as half of July’s. A break of this nature is an integral part of the path. Several revelations came my way, as well an idea for a new augmentation for the path.

The revelations were all around assumptions that I had taken on board as ‘gospel’. Specifically the notion that the superconsciousness can only be accessed via the subconscious mind. Next moonth’s materials demonstrate and teach how to go directly from the self-aware mind to the higher levels.

The creation of the path materials allow for a certain amount of rewriting and redefining. While at the same time ensuring that nothing is cast in stone.

The augmentation will kick off from September where I will be hosting several live Zooms with subscribers of the path. The reason being that video is required and the ability for Q&A. It also means those on the path get to meet others on the path.

By stepping off the path, from time to time, we can rejoin it refreshed and renewed.

Branching Out

Branching Out

Ted ChiangThis moonth was one of those times when the changes were rung in. The catalysts were an actual holiday, a revelation and bad back that led to a gift from on high and stroke of good fortune.

A death in the family also got thrown into the mix. It was both expected and welcome, so a release and relief all round.

These types of events though do make you stop, evaluate and come up with a new way of doing things.

The Holiday : Soul Notes

While I was away, I stopped creating for a while and read another writer’s work. Specifically a book of short stories called Exalation by Ted Chiang. This video explains what resulted :

The Path To OverstandingThe Revelation

Also while on holiday, I wrote some more materials for the Path to Overstanding. A huge revelation and realisation came my way about how our self-aware and unconscious minds interact with the superconsciousness. As I mention in the Path to Overstanding, when the Tarot evolves, we evolve. The process of creation is like picking yourself up by your own bootstraps.

The revelation is part of next moonth’s materials and is exclusive to subscribers … as some steps are required before and after you take the ramifications of this revelation on board.

John Howson HairdresserThe Back

So my bad back came on quickly on a day we were clearing father-in-law’s room. He had passed away after being trapped in a stroke-ridden body for nearly four years. With lockdown, he felt doubly trapped in a care home where we couldn’t visit him or, due to profound deafness, even talk to him.

So RIP John Joseph Leon Howson, hairdresser to the stars :: 28/02/1930 to 13/05/2022.

The back was like someone whacked a cricket bat across your lower back. I am having treatment and working through it. Perhaps John’s passing was a sign to slow down and stop now after providing care for 12 years and more. 

Before he passed, we were already planning to be away in the motorhome for most of June. We had decided on France so we could get back quickly if needed. So I was already working on strategies whereby I could create solely from my iPad, while on the road.

So a USB-C mic was purchased so I can record my meditations while I am away. My best find though was an ambient music generator called Wotja which means I can ‘compose’ complex, layered soundscapes while away.

Being slight confined with the bad back means both tools have come into play already. There’s a short example below of what I’ve been creating …

You’ll find more Wotja-generated tracks on Insight Timer …

The Path is Open

The Path is Open

Sometimes when you start a project, you may harbour some uncertainties. We might think we are fooling ourselves or that we may have taken too much on board.

Setting my stall out to deliver a whole course in esoteric unfoldment over a 24 moonth period, in a time of global uncertainty, falls into that category.

The only thing is that I am entering my fourth moonth of content generation and it’s going swimmingly. The technical platform is good (I did test that for a year). I have a mind map that encapsulates all the content and literally ‘maps out’ The Path To Overstanding. The production of the complementary deck of Tarot Cards is proceeding, at its own pace, in parallel.

What is most encouraging though is that I am always asking for signs by way of confirmation. The biggest sign we get is resistance which tends to block our creative flow. We become a busy fool, getting on with other irrelevances first. This isn’t happening.

The other blockage is that people aren’t buying into the material. This too is not the case as there’s a steady flow of subscribers. As you walk down the path with me, you can ask questions of me on the Soundwise app, on a track by track basis, and also interact with other like minded souls.

Up to now, I’ve not marketed the Path officially. Partly this is because I wanted to ensure I could deliver the quality and quantities of materials I had planned. It looks like I can.

As a result, the chocks are coming off and the Path is well and truly open.

Go to my home page for more details …

… you can also sign up to the first Soundcast for free

… and listen to a sample from Arcanum, my third ambient album here

A Time of Bifurcation

A Time of Bifurcation

Two Railway TracksTwo Tracks

I am writing this blog on the morning of the seventh day of Ukraine invasion by Russian forces. Some people have decided to go down a track which may have grave consequences for the whole of humanity, not least more imminently for the people of Ukraine and the wider Baltic regions. Their raisin d’être seems to be fear of potential threat when actually opportunities for co-creation and collaboration are alternative options.

Western Powers will do what they can, short of engaging in war themselves, to apply pressure on Russia to desist and retreat – or at least stop with the full annexation of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Somewhere down the line, a bifurcation has occurred. As many people on Spaceship Earth are seeking ways to reach post-pandemic unity and usher in an age of planetary stewardship, others are dragging the world back to pre-1939 ways of thinking and doing.

This by the way is as political as I get in a blog … mainly as I do not profess to have any answers or expertise in political and military matters.

What I do know is that we are at a point of bifurcation and, at the very least, the days for partisan, elitist and corrupt politics in the West has to stop for us to have any chance of global peace. At the same time, the crushing fear held by dictators must be replaced with true love for humanity. The massive chasm between the behaviours of the Russian and Ukranian presidents are an example of the rift that has to be healed … hopefully before too many more on each side lose their lives for no logical reason.

Learn Attention ManagementMy Own Bifurcation

The reason this blog is about bifurcation is that I find myself at a point when there is potentially an imminent split in my own focus. On reflection, both sides of this split however are in harmony as they have the same aim – that of awakening of consciousness.

The bifurcation lies in where people are at in their journey. Clearly, some people on the planet are hell-bent on courses where death and destruction are inevitable consequences. This naturally grabs news headlines and peoples’ attention.

I estimate that the vast majority of the world population would just like an easier life, without hardship and strife.

I have been passionate about sharing content freely, even before I was invited to publish on Insight Timer in 2015. I can testify that what goes around, comes around and that the freemium model works.

For a while now, the app has delivered some premium content in the form of courses. This provided an income that has helped me and many other guides to a position where we can afford to creat more and more content. This is the ‘going around’.

So as I am just on the point of launching and expanding on my own premium offering, I am delighted that I have been invited to run a workshop for Insight Timer. I hope it’s the first of many.

It will be delivered in April over three sessions and the subject is Attention Management – a new way of approaching time management indeed. Watch this short video for more and here’s the link to book your space:


My aim in delivering this workshop is that you will get your investment of time and money back many times over. As such, this type of event represents a bridge from purely freemium to premium.

Note that my output on Insight Timer is aimed at those on the cusp of awakening. 

The Path To OverstandingThe Path To Overstanding

My new ‘premium’ offering is aimed at those who would like to ‘awaken’ to a whole new level. The word ‘premium’ is italicised as it’s really not expensive – starting at less than $5 a month. I want this information to be accessible and affordable to many. The fees just help me to cover hosting and administrative costs.

Since I first published my first non-fiction books back in 2009, I have been focussed on making the esoteric – what is complex and somewhat obfuscated – into the exoteric, namely understandable and accessible.

My latest premium offering is the culmination of that journey. Back in 2009 and 2013, I wrote two books – namely Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being – which are, respectfully, deconstructions of the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot. I always knew there was a third book and indeed that I might also design my own deck.

So, as previously signposted in this blog and elsewhere, the deck will see the light of day this year and has been beautifully illustrated by Siri Opli. It’s called The Tarot of Overstanding and is an evolution of the Tarot as it is known.

In parallel with its release, I am writing the book that accompanies it and serialising in audiobook format via my Soundwise app. It’s augmented by three other Soundcasts – Meditations on the Keys, a new ambient album called Arcanum and a series of exclusive conversations called Uberstandings.

It will contain and explain all the esoteric wisdom I have come across over the last 15 years and also include information that I am receiving from off-worldly intelligences. It is literally mind-opening.

It’s available exclusively to subscribers, optionally along with my other recent Soulwaves-based metaphysical content.

Find out more here …

… on The Path to Overstanding

Let me wrap up this blog by sharing some freemium content written by Henry Longfellow back in 1855 and so relevant to these bifurcated times.

Smoking of the Peacepipe

by Henry Longfellow, narrated by Töm Evans | from the Song of Hiawatha