Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

In retrospect, taking two ‘moonths’ to relocate and get back into the writing groove is quite short. So now I am installed in my new writing room/music production space – just a little tidying up to do as you can see from the piccy above.

In the meantime, I managed to keep up with the production of the moonthly ambient tracks, meditations and lectures all inspired by Soulwaves : Insertions. The daily Just for Today’s also spawn two new meditations for Insight Timer a moonth.

As it happens, and this is no surprise, a break from writing has lead to a new perspective. I had already planned that the Duadex would go to some places I had never been before. The chapters are being serialised again via the Soundwise app … along with my usual moonthly outpourings.

What would happen though it I went to places wilder than my wildest dreams?

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New Content

I have now got a 350Mb direct fibre connection to the Interweb – uploads and downloads are so fast !

and here’s a few things that floated up from my iMac into the cloud this moonth, from the Below to the Above you might say …

… onwards and upwards.


The Moon Wave

The Moon Wave

Moon PhasesRiding a Moon Wave

While I have operated with the Moon phase in mind for many years, this year I am using it as the clock to which I time the creation and release of my new output.

[ image by the amazing Georgia Hofer ]

Apart from giving me a target to stick too, it seems to have brought a new level of creativity along with it. So by the day that this blogcast goes live, I will have completed three new ambient tracks and two guided meditations and delivered two lectures – all inspired by the book Soulwaves : Insertions and the numbers 1 to 12.

In the background, I am guided by moonthly readings from the intuitive business astrologer, Louisa Tanner Munson. Along with it all, and with the constant help of the Council of the Light, the most amazing serendipities are flowing my way too.

Like all ‘waves, this serendipity is bringing others along for the ride too … thanks for all those surfing with me.

Creation of Ambience

While all this creation to the Moon Phase is going on, I have found a new way to relax – and that’s to create audio mashups of ambience. Some are entirely new and some permutations of existing tracks. Apart from anything, I find them great to listen to while I am writing – as I am doing now. It’s a great way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Listen to my latest two tracks below …

The Wave Rider

by Töm Evans | Soulwaves


by Töm Evans | Soulwaves

SeasonsSpringing Forward

While creating in tune with the Moon has its benefits, so does syncing yourself to the seasons. So on the Spring Equinox, the opening chapters of my next book, The Duadex, will be released in audio exclusively to my Soundwise subscribers.

It’s the in third book in the Soulwaves Anthology and will bring together many of the threads set up in the first two books. Indeed, it starts where the end of Insertions leaves off when sentiences in each galaxy receive their Duadexes. What follows is the Universal Unification – with a few lessons learned along the way of course. While it is complete fiction, you can also take it as being true.

What’s different about this book to all my others is that subscribers can have a hand in its direction and evolution. You can subscribe to the Duadex and my other moonthly creations here for much less than the price of a takeaway pizza a month. Your subscriptions will be gratefully received and all help to help me create more and more …

The Cycle of Projects

The Cycle of Projects

Soulwaves : InsertionsSo while the UK opened up, we managed to get a full three and a half week’s of touring in a working motorhome – with no recourse to call out the RAC.

And while I was away, I used the time to bring the Soulwaves : A Future History side-projects to a close while “Insertions” was being edited.

So the Soulwaves Ambient album is completed with the addition of a one hour ambient track called Parting the Veil …

… and the Soul-full Path guided series is brought to a close with the one hour guided track called The Paths of Return – see and hear them in this blog post

Both side-projects rock in at just under four hours long and there are links to listen to them in my new Soundwise App.

Both were written and planned while away and created on my return – and note that, in 2021, the 12 short stories in Insertions will be complemented and augmented by 12 ambient and guided tracks inspired by numerology …

… as one door closes, another opens.

The Soul-full Path

Last Moonth’s Output

So even though I was away, the creation and publication engine was primed ahead of my departure and back-filled when I returned … here’s about half of it.


by Tom Evans | Soulwaves Ambient

Above and Below

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path


by Tom Evans | Soulwaves Ambient

A Soul Incarnate

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

Soulwaves : InsertionsWhat’s Happening Next Moonth?

So next moonth I am doing something I haven’t really done for any of my previous books – I am planning the launch for Soulwaves : Insertions.

If the wind is behind me and in the right direction, I’ll also do a beta release of the audiobook for pre-review to my Launch Crew.

I’ll also have a play with some musical ideas for the album and meditations plus there may be the odd podcast.

… I am also open for my soul to show me another way I hadn’t envisaged!

Finding a Way

Finding a Way

While I have been busy creating the Soulwaves book itself, I have consciously done nothing about publishing it, other than to observe what is happening in the industry. So rather than me having to find the way to get it published, I’ve been allowing the paths to publication and marketing to find me.

I had already used Ingram Spark last year for the Big U and am using them again but this time also publishing a hardback version. I wanted something other than just ACX and iTunes for the audiobook though.

Thanks mainly to the wonderful Creative Penn podcast, from the prolific and supremely knowledgeable Joanna Penn, I’m using a new way to distribute the audiobook version.

Findaway Voices not only submit your audiobook to ACX/Audible and iTunes but over 40 other audiobook platforms. Before submitting Soulwaves (at nearly 10 hours long), I tested the system out with the audiobook version of The Germinatrix (at less than 1 hour long).

I had the usual tech issues to fix with ACX, my fault for rushing, but pleased to see the book out on so many places it has never been heard before. Note, I serialised it on Insight Timer over the last two years – well that method worked for Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells!

Listen to Joanna’s podcast with Will Dages of Findaway Voices

Listen to my first audiobook distributed by them – The Germinatrix

Also this month, I had a lovely heart-to-heart with wordsmith, Mariëlle Smith …



Proofing the Pudding

Usually initial proof read and recording of audiobook catches 99% of errors. As the first sample print books of Soulwaves arrived this month, it was clear I only caught 95% or so!

Thank goodness for print on demand and setting a pre-order date.

Perhaps as this is so big and expansive in plot – over billions of years of time and 150,000 light years in space – I have learned a novel such as this needs an additional proof read after the recording of the audiobook.

So December will be spent ironing out the wrinkles. You can however safely pre-order the book in all good online bookstores and it will be perfect by the 10th Jan 2020.



15 Books Later

15 Books Later

Fifteen books later, the book I started first has finally been written – and narrated.

It’s now off for typesetting as this blog gets published. The day after the book is done and it’s now kind of out of my hands, it’s almost like missing an old friend and there is a strange sense of loss.

I have been researching genres though and am delighted to zero in on Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction, where you find books like The Alchemist and Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Rather than my usual rush into a new project rapidly, I am treating myself to a breather. New plans kick off on the 1st November when we may be in, or out, of the EU – or more likely, one foot in and one foot out – which mirrors where I am with the book which is written but not published.

On which note, we’ve decided to go for a publication date of 10th Jan 2020, which is the first Full Moon – the timing of which appears often in the book.

Lessons Learned

  • The process cannot be rushed (even for a time bender)
  • The book is much richer in its third draft with intertwining plot lines
  • Audiobook production is the best proofreading process
  • The timing is impeccable with more and more ways to promote a book these days
  • Pre-marketing on the book’s progress and a pre-order date are key to warming up readers (and listeners)


What’s Next?

  • Being Soulful – a series of meditations to accompany the book
  • Getting beta readers and listeners
  • Long overdue rationalisation & streamlining of my old online courses
  • Creation and re-creation of said courses (and new ones) for online apps and a new and wider audience
  • Restarting The Zone Show podcast


Other News …

  • Being 999 – a meditation I recorded ages ago now up on Insight Timer & making waves
  • An Extended Akashic Journey – elongation of an old favourite also up on the app
  • More short stories from The Germinatrix also up on the app and pending release …
  • … the audiobook version of that book happening by stealth
  • Honoured to lead an 80 minute live guided meditation and awakening in Bristol this month
Taking Hands off the Wheel

Taking Hands off the Wheel

Artwork by Siri Stiklestad Opli

The month of August has become a big handle turning exercise. September augurs more of the same.

The reason being is that 35 of the 100 chapters of Soulwaves are now narrated. I make no bones about it, it is a huge task and big ask, with no shortcuts.

While it might sound like a lot of hard work, it does feel I am taking my hands off the wheel and coasting down hill to a glorious destination. Apart from anything, I am really enjoying reading my own book back and remembering things I’d forgotten I’d wrote.

Reading a book out loud is simply the best and most thorough way to proof read a book. Here’s why:

#1. If I can read it out loud, a reader can’t read it ‘in loud’. It won’t scan well.

#2. I am spotting forward references I set up in earlier chapters I wrote many months ago that I can pick up and develop subtly in later chapters.

#3. You spot errors even the best editor/proof reader may not have spotted. I’ve found loads and suspect there are more.

August also saw two weeks off with some family support commitments. Due to ongoing support commitments, I plan to have the next third of the book narrated by the time I blog next and the final third completed by the end of October.

This will lead to print and ebook production in November which in turn means publication should be early December.

One of the tricks I use, which is also one I use in writing, is to record the very ending words first. This is the poem I wrote many years ago to describe the essence of what a Soulwave is. It wraps up the book but there’s no spoiler alert as it gives nothing away about the actual ending. Merely it describes how Soulwaves are the fabric of the Universe.

You can listen to it free on Insight Timer …

Soulwaves : A Poem on Entanglement

… also, you can listen to two new meditations on the app this month and a new short story from The Germinatrix and a musical mindful podcast.

Take Your Hands Off the Wheel

Count Your Riches

Moderating Your Mindberg

Mindful Beats With Tyson Baird

p.s. if all of this output seems quite a lot in just one month, it’s just an example of what happens when you take your hands off the wheel