The Rider on the Elephant

James MapesAuthor, actor, motivational speaker and stage hypnotist, James Mapes, shares his wisdom on who and what is really ‘driving the bus’ in our lives.

This podcast includes a 10 minute meditation at the end which should not be listened to if you are driving or operating machinery or flying a jumbo jet

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Topics we explore:

  • How James made quantum leaps in his career
How vision propels us into the future
  • Fear as our teacher
  • Types of fear – primitive, delicious and illusory (six types)
  • Creating harmony between the rider and the elephant
  • Becoming a partner in our own wellness
  • Creating movement with Applied Imagination
  • The power of the pause

Useful Links

Find out more about James, his books and wisdom at:

James Mapes Main Web Site
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The Noos Channel

Avanoo Logo

I am really honoured and excited to be a member of a new group of authors with a ‘publisher’ called Avanoo who has introduced quite a revolutionary model.

For starters, the ‘publisher’ doesn’t create books but ‘Noos’ which are 2 to 3 minute audiovisual delights to open minds and expand horizons …

‘Readers’ don’t take in these gems of wisdom in one sitting, they are delivered by email daily so they can be savoured over the course of 30 days.

I’m also doubly honoured to be interviewing each and every fellow author for the Zone Show Channel over the coming months!

To find out what it’s all about, listen to this interview with the co-founder and president of Avanoo, Daniel Jacobs …

And in this podcast, Daniel turns the tables on me and explores where my temporal Noos came from …

I this podcast, Annabelle Drumm – the Kite Girl – explains how our thoughts really are things and why we should be mindful of what we are thinking …

Tom Dowd explains why being made redundant and finding a new job can be a breath of fresh air …

Helene Segura on making time to save time …

Sarah McCrum explains and explores new ways to heal (or is that old ways?) …

Candy Whirley on why it takes four, not two, to tango …

Mary O’Donohue on the importance of saying thank you and meaning it …

Rita Emmett on breaking the procrastination habit …

Nancy Bartlett on turning obstacles into opportunity …