This We Know

Every once in a while I even surprise myself. None more so than when on holiday recently I wrote a whole book (admittedly a short one) that I had absolutely no intention in writing.

This We Know is an exploration into what we know and what we don’t. Furthermore, it explores how we can go about not only gaining new knowledge but how to define our own reality.

It didn’t take long to write; it doesn’t take long to read – the aim though is that it will change your world and the world around you for ever.

I started writing the book on the 3rd September and thanks to CompletelyNovel and Vook, it was published on the 18th September – and available worldwide by the 30th September.

“I downloaded this book yesterday on my iPad and have read it twice. An extraordinary book that takes us on a journey of what as a society we ‘need to know’. The postscript gave me goosebumps of excitement. For me it sets out a vision of what we could be as a society if we as individuals let go of our ego. It is a manifesto for our future. Like any great book it asks big questions, pokes our thoughts and tramples on our preconceived beliefs about humanity. It transported me back to being a child reading Arthur C Clarke and mind expanding possibilities. Tom Evans is a visionary and I hope that everyone jumps on board the party in the sky.” – Dr Linda Mallory, Founder of The Why Parent

“Wow! Tom Evans the wizard has done it again! I am half way through his latest book, and even though I probably could have gone through the whole thing in about 30min, I am stopping, pondering, loving it. It is simple, factual yet provoking. Chapter 10 is soooo spot on! As a scientist myself, it triggers memories of my times in research labs when I use to think to myself what’s the point of this since just imagining the results I want will make them happen. So cool to see a very wise man share that very thinking. Highly highly recommended!” – Dr Claire Gaudry, Author of The Power of True Learning

Become a Master Chef

If you have read my new book Flavours of Thought and found it intriguing, you may be thinking a couple of things …

1. Where did all that wisdom come from?

2. What else can you do with it?

If you haven’t read it, click here – you can even read it for free online at Completely Novel

Well, I will own up to not being the generator or possessor of that wisdom.

I am merely “the Translator” bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary framework and context. What you have in this book is a translation, précis and simulacrum of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Furthermore, when I wrote the book, I was aware of two things:

1. There are many more than the initial 21 flavours and I will “translate” and “publish” more next year – these will come from the Minor Arcana and other arcane sources of symbology.

2. As it says in the book, there are many more than the 21 sample recipes.

Like all recipes however, there is a difference between throwing food in the microwave to warm it up and cooking a gastronomic delight worthy of a Michelin Star or three.

For this reason, I am proud to announce the launch of the Master Chef training programme.

Who is the programme for?

  • Coaches, healers and therapists wanting a new set of tools
  • Seekers of the Muse – artists, musicians, writers, scientists
  • Parents and teachers
  • Explorers of the mind

Training is carried out at my offices in the Surrey Hills or over Skype and desktop share for three people at a time.

A certain level of enlightenment is required before you will be accepted for the training and the badge of Master Chef is awarded upon the successful completion of post tasking.

If you are interested in knowing more, enquire here …

… & note, only those of a sound mind and  good heart need apply 😉

Writing and Publishing a Book in less than a Month

In September 2012, I wrote a book I wasn’t planning to write and published it in print and for Kindle in just 18 days, from start to finish.

Fellow author Jackie Walker did the same a week or so later!!

In this webinar, we describe the process we followed …

To find out what you can also achieve in less than a month, download our books here …

This We Know

Around the House in Eighty Days

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