Living in the Loving Zone

The Loving ZoneIt’s said that when you love the work you do, with people you love to be with, then you will never work as such again.

I am blessed with this kind of life and while out walking my dogs this morning, it ‘came to me’ that I had loads of tips and resources I could share, and with love, that could help others do the same.

#1. How do you enter the Loving Zone?

Listen to this sample chapter from the audiobook version of The Zone, to find the key to living a life you love – with people, and that special person, that you love.

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#2. Ditching Your To Do list

Many people struggle under the weight of their To Do lists. This short video explains how, with the use of a To Don’t List, you can create a To Love list that you will just love to do !

#3. Moving to Heart-based Consciousness

It has been known for thousands of years that the heart is a centre of consciousness. Science is just about catching up. I’ve developed a programme called Heart-full Living which helps move the consciousness from the head to the heart, and other centres, as part of an awakening of dormant and nascent parts of our neurology. Watch this short video to find out more.

#3. Intention Marketing

I’ve been turning things up a notch or three the last few months working with someone I simply love working with – the amazing Jenny Littlejohn. Shortly after Jenny took the Heart-full Living mentored course, she came up with the brilliant system of Intention Marketing. Here, rather than marketing your goods and services, what you share with the world is your intention. If you are a heart-based business, like a coach, therapist or healer, I highly recommend you get in touch with Jenny (link below) and I hereby share my intention.

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#5. Why Love Never Dies

The love that we hold is stronger than many of us ever imagine. It is permanent and extends over space and up and down the timelines. In this interview with the amazing Dr Jamie Turndoff, discover how love never, never dies.

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Useful links

The Zone audiobook
Heart-full Living
Jenny Littlejohn’s Intention Marketing
Read Love Never Dies and get the free meditation

And I have the great pleasure in talking to Dr Jamie Turndoff live on her show very soon, Ask Dr Love, where I will be explaining more on how to find a life you love.

The Loving Zone

Five Reasons to Start Living Heart-fully

Heart chakraWe humans have an amazing, special and magical ability that we often take for granted. We can think.

From quite an early age, most people gain the ability to talk to themselves, and each other. As a result, from when we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep, our mind starts a-chattering. Many do not give this a second thought from one day to the next.

While the ability to think is an amazing feat for sentient star dust (i.e. Us) to pull off, it has resulted in the thought forms from our lower mind centres being swamped and overlooked. You will know what I mean if you have ever said, “I wish I’d trusted my gut” or “My heart was never in it”.

From an energetic perspective, this ability to think and talk comes about from a level of communication not yet recognised by many, if any, neuroscientists. For starters, not all thoughts emanate from our brain as it is as much a receiver of thought as it is a generator of thought. Our seven main internal chakra centres are also communication portals. It is the one right in the centre of our brain, the pineal gland or Third Eye, that picks up many external thought forms. It can be tuned in through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

The ability to talk involves intercommunication between this sixth chakra point and the fifth chakra point, the throat chakra. Around 1 to 2 million years ago, humankind got “The Word” and this magical ability of self-talk and language was conferred upon us. We are now on the cusp of the next stage in evolution where we become able to take conscious control of our heart chakra, as well as the chakra centres below. The result of this shift has a few prerequisites and many consequences.

What happens when we live heart-fully?

#1 : Loving what you do

Just imagine if each and every day you could wake up and do just what you love to do, with people you love. Think about what is stopping you from doing that right now and imagine if such barriers to doing this could vapourise.

#2 : Loving who you are with

Imagine a world where the people you want to be with turn up, just like magic. Whether it’s the perfect clients or business partners or friends or a soulmate you are looking for, imagine if they just found you.

#3 : Loving where you are going

If we are worrying about tomorrow, we lose focus on today and our efficiency drops. When we entrust our decisions to our heart and gut minds, we will rarely put a foot wrong. It is both a simpler and a safer way to be.

#4 : Loving who you are

All love starts with self-love. This is not love of a narcissistic kind but one where we love ourselves for who we are, what we do and what we can do for others. It is difficult to ask others to love us if we don’t start by truly loving ourselves.

#5 : Loving who you might become

It’s said that the only thing you can take with you is your evolution (and that the only thing you can really leave behind is your art). If the most amazing life is within your grasp, just around the corner, it would be silly not to take that next step – and another and another.

There is a version of you in the future who has achieved all your heart’s desires, and more. The only person in the world who might prevent you from being that person in the future is you right now.

Living HeartfullyHow and where do you start?

I have been fortunate to live a charmed life. I have been blessed with many gifts but also experienced many frustrations. When I switched to living heart-fully, years of turmoil and inner-struggle disappeared and a new world opened up for me. I want to share the secrets of what I have learned with others.

Two of the gifts I have received were an engineering mindset and the ability to channel. The former lets me build ‘stuff’ and the latter gives me access to information that I do not know. This is called claircogniscence.

Using the principles above, I was nudged into creating a chakra awakening programme that seems to switch people into a new mode of existence and awakens a new level of consciousness.

I’ve called it (or had it called for me), Heart-full Living.

Watch this short video with Hannah Smithson who was the soul who nudged me:

And start your next phase of evolution here …

Heart-full Living

Awakening with Heart

Crown ChakraThere was a time when our ancestors walked the planet who were very like us physically, yet they had not developed fully what we take for granted these days. They did not possess our magical ability to be self-aware. They could feel emotions pretty much like we do so could be sad, angry and even grieve for loved ones, as do elephants, ceteceans and primates. They did not possess language as we know it and, as a result, lacked the capacity for internal ‘self-talk’.

Then, around a million or so years ago, something rather remarkable happened – we learned to talk. The Word was made Flesh!

Heart icon

Third Eye ChakraThe mystic and sage Rudoplh Steiner describes this process in an interesting way. He described the acquisition of the faculty of language as the 3rd Eye Chakra taking conscious control of the Throat Chakra. Nowadays, we don’t give it a second thought that we can vocalise our thoughts and cause others to have thoughts about what we are thinking. To our ancestors, this would be like magic and unimaginable to them.

Heart icon

Throat chakraAbout a year ago, a lovely soul called Hannah Smithson suggested to me over Skype that it would be great to do a series of meditations that could be listened to over seven days. As a result of listening to them, some spiritual unfoldment would take place. I suggested that a series that energised and activated the seven chakras would be a good thing to do and I set about channelling them in and recording them. This process involves opening of the Crown Chakra so wisdom can flow through the 3rd Eye Chakra and through my Throat Chakra. This is how things work!

Heart icon

Heart chakraWhen I do such channelling, my conscious mind merely presses the record and stop buttons and I allow the words to flow. The result of what was created has amazed me and those who have taken the program. Amazing transformations have taken place which Steiner, and others, predicted would unfold. Having taken conscious control of our Throat Chakra, the next phase of human evolution involves us taking conscious control of our lower chakra centres. What we will be able to do when this happens will currently look like magic, until we accept it as being the norm.

For example, we can use our heart chakra to find our soul mate, soften tense situations and heal both face to face and at a distance. This video is typical of the experience.

Heart icon

Solar Plexus chakraOnce we become comfortable and adept at controlling our heart centre, we can then do the same for the chakras below. For some people, this happens spontaneously. When we activate our solar plexus chakra, we gain the ability to jump forward in time and predict the near-future. We become pre-cogniscent and adept at always making the right choices. I have heard it also leads to the ability to teleport and jump space and time. I have had a few of these experiences already, but when I was not expecting them.

Heart icon

Sacral chakraThe sacral chakra turns out to be the seat from which we manifest our needs. It’s activation leads to us bringing along just enough money when we need it as well as allowing events to unfold at just the perfect time. While vision boards have their place, fear that our visions might not arrive can tend to prevent our dreams from happening. When we take conscious control of the sacral chakra, our dreams have a tendency to arrive even before we have them.

Heart icon

Root chakraActivation of the root chakra leads to many benefits. Firstly, it allows us to become connectors from the Above to the Below, with our heart centre as the pivot point. Secondly, it ensures our actions are always carried out with the safety and ecology of the planet at heart. I also suspect it will lead to the ability to levitate but that’s kind of work in progress and has only happened once to me.

The result of activation of all the chakra centres, in the manner I have channelled in, results in a shift from head-based consciousness to heart-based awareness. This is not just a metaphorical shift. It an actual movement of consciousness which comes with new super-sensibilities and abilities.

Move towards living heart-fully today – my program is available for self-study or with 1-2-1 mentoring …
Living Heartfully

How to Find Your Soul Mate

How to find your soul mate

Our language gives so much away. What we say, and our body language as we say it, give us an insightful picture of what is really going on in our minds and our bodies.

We say things like, “My heart’s not in this” or “I wished I’d followed my heart”.

It’s becoming clear that our neurology, and sentience of the world around us, is not just limited to our head and the five classical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

Our gut senses danger and also informs us if something is a good idea or not. Our heart feels too. It can be broken, it can feel luke warm about something or positively glowing and besotted with a person, a situation or an idea.

What neuroscientists are just discovering has been known by the ancients for thousands of years. We have active mind centres all over our body. The seven primary centres are sometimes referred to as our chakras.

Most people are unaware of them and their function but everyone has experienced imbalances and blockages in them at sometime or other.

One of the most powerful is the heart chakra – and like all other points, it emits an energy field which can be picked up by others. The field naturally beams out in a spiral in front and behind us. It both emits and receives love.

When we take it under conscious control, we can perform amazing feats which may seem a bit like magic. We can heal with it, we can soften tense situations, we can also use it to both locate and attract our our soul mate.

Activate Your Heart RayFree Find Your Soul Mate Visualisation

Find out how to activate your heart ray to resonate with, and attract, your perfect soul mate. It also works for finding that perfect job, ideal customers and the home of your dreams.

Until the end of February, listen to it free along with a free bonus visualisation to help you soften tense situations.

Note, that I am passionate about data privacy, so your email will not be shared with any third parties.

Seven Time Management Hacks

Stretching TimeMost time management systems quite rightly focus on goal setting, intelligent prioritisation and improved interruption management. When we see time as a finite resource, with a forward arrow, this is a pretty good strategy. It is however a left-brained, orthogonal approach.

Time however is both malleable and stretchable and when we see it as something that can be manipulated to our advantage, there is a whole gamut of techniques we can use to get more done in less time. Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness and modulated by the speed of our breath.

Quite simply, when we change our mind, we change our time.

Hack One : Ending Procrastination

It is amazing how creative we can be at not getting on with the task in hand. When it comes to doing what we really should be doing, or what we would love to do, we invent excuses galore to not-do-it. In all cases, this sort of behaviour is a symptom of a deeper malaise. When we procrastinate creatively, we are masking and hiding an underlying fear. It might be a fear of failure or even a fear of success. It could be fear of the unknown or a fear of being ridiculed. Often, it has roots back to an earlier event where the wheels came off our bus.

Remove the fear and the creative spark gets redirected where it is needed.
Hack Two : Getting in Sync

Our man-made calendar and the 9 to 5 working week, when combined with 24×7 electric lighting, has resulted in us losing connection with natural cycles. Morning people just can’t produce as well in the afternoons. Each month, the Moon orbits our planet and has a massive impact on the creative cycle. Spring-time is the perfect time to leap into action and autumn is the perfect time to harvest.

When we go with the temporal flow, we stop pushing time uphill.
Hack Three : Kronos and Kairos

The Greeks knew this but only recently neuroscientists have re-discovered that we have two minds of time. For most people, the left brain sits inside space and time; simultaneously the right brain lives everywhere and ’everywhen’ else. Energise both hemispheres by going for a good walk, or cross crawling, or give them a task they work on together and time takes on an ethereal quality.

It is just like magic because all magic tricks are only magic until we know how the trick is done.
Hack Four : It’s Madness not to Meditate

It is thought that every minute spent in the deep meditative state extends our longevity by an equal amount of time, or more. Not only that but our well-being and vitality improves so we lose less time being ill, or just under the weather and under-performing. What’s more, when we take 10-20 minutes of “me-time” out every day, we get it back in spades with the serendipities and chance encounters we experience by being more tuned in.

Perfect opportunities come in when we least expect them too – and always just-in-time.
Hack Five : The Intention Field

Thoughts don’t become things, they are things. Every thought we have generates an intention field around it that sends ripples out through the collective mind that bounce back at us. Simply by engaging both hemispheres on a task, we send out a signal that we are busy. You will find the phone doesn’t ring when you are really zoned on a task in this manner.

The intention field gets generated automatically and requires no energy but a particular kind of breath – and we all have to breathe anyway.
Hack Six : Whole Mind Thinking

Our consciousness is sited all over our body and only concentrated around major nerve ganglia. As we have billions of neurons in our brains, for most people upon awakening, our inner dialogue naturally shouts the loudest. As a result, we assume our head is where all the ‘action’ is when it comes to matters of consciousness and awareness. This has the tendency of masking signals from other important nerve centres, specifically those in our heart and our gut. From an evolutionary perspective, these mind centres are older and in some ways wiser. They also operate a few seconds ahead of our conscious awareness and they are always, always right.

When we get our head, heart and gut in alignment, we become unstoppable.
Hack Seven : Letting Stuff Arrive

Rather than thinking we have to turn up, when you apply the six hacks above all together, all we have to do is to allow things to arrive. Life stops being a chore and we begin to enjoy a charmed existence.

Also what turns up is better than our wildest dreams and always perfectly timed.

Create as much time as you need and get more done

Mindfulness-based Time Management