15 Books Later

15 Books Later

Fifteen books later, the book I started first has finally been written – and narrated.

It’s now off for typesetting as this blog gets published. The day after the book is done and it’s now kind of out of my hands, it’s almost like missing an old friend and there is a strange sense of loss.

I have been researching genres though and am delighted to zero in on Metaphysical and Visionary Fiction, where you find books like The Alchemist and Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Rather than my usual rush into a new project rapidly, I am treating myself to a breather. New plans kick off on the 1st November when we may be in, or out, of the EU – or more likely, one foot in and one foot out – which mirrors where I am with the book which is written but not published.

On which note, we’ve decided to go for a publication date of 10th Jan 2020, which is the first Full Moon – the timing of which appears often in the book.

Lessons Learned

  • The process cannot be rushed (even for a time bender)
  • The book is much richer in its third draft with intertwining plot lines
  • Audiobook production is the best proofreading process
  • The timing is impeccable with more and more ways to promote a book these days
  • Pre-marketing on the book’s progress and a pre-order date are key to warming up readers (and listeners)


What’s Next?

  • Being Soulful – a series of meditations to accompany the book
  • Getting beta readers and listeners
  • Long overdue rationalisation & streamlining of my old online courses
  • Creation and re-creation of said courses (and new ones) for online apps and a new and wider audience
  • Restarting The Zone Show podcast


Other News …

  • Being 999 – a meditation I recorded ages ago now up on Insight Timer & making waves
  • An Extended Akashic Journey – elongation of an old favourite also up on the app
  • More short stories from The Germinatrix also up on the app and pending release …
  • … the audiobook version of that book happening by stealth
  • Honoured to lead an 80 minute live guided meditation and awakening in Bristol this month

How to Make a Book Trailer

46-movie2We’re used to trailers for films and TV programmes. They tantalise and tease us to the delights the main feature will hold.

Nowadays multimedia trailers are being increasingly used to promote books and the technology to do them is accessible to all.

Seven elements that make a good trailer

1. Short – less than 5 minutes, ideally 1 minute
2. Sneak preview of book’s content – but adds something additional to the book
3. Link to buy book – but not a heavy sell but do include the book cover for recognition
4. Impactful – if the book has a point to make, this should be contained in the trailer
5. Fully informative yet enigmatic – it should be self contained in its message and encourage the viewer to want more
6. Potential to go viral – include humour or make a point that people want to share
7. Must work on mobile devices – if the trailer includes text, check that it works on mobile devices

Keen as ever to get my feet wet, I’ve had a go at a couple …

This We Know – short and enigmatic …

This We Are – somewhat longer and gives a snapshot of each chapter in the book …

– let me know how I did

Online Trailer Production Tools

Powtoon – used above

– let me know if I have missed any

Marketing in Tune with the Moon Phase

If you look around the Internet, you will find no end of advice and tips on marketing. As soon as a new fad comes out, all of a sudden we end up with no end of self-proclaimed gurus with expertise expressed in TLA’s (three letter acronyms).

Surprisingly, there is one influence which affects the result of marketing campaigns which yields no search results yet which has a major effect on the success of any marketing initiative (although I hope the search results will change once this blog is out there).

Now many vintners and farmers have twigged that the Moon has a significant affect on their crops. Sailors are very respectful of the Moon phase as their lives might depend on the height and power of the tide.

Astrologers are somewhat derided by their observance of the Moon phase. One day astrologers and astronomers will compare notes and find there is more common ground than they thought.

It’s the closest astronomical object to us yet, if you asked most people, they couldn’t tell you the current Moon phase – not least it’s distance from the Earth and in which direction it was moving relative to them. It’s almost too much in our faces. Any Martian would be able to tell you that the Earth has 13 lunar months a year and they are all about 28 Earth rotations long (that’s a day to you and me) – give or take one or two. Our man-made calendar obfuscates what is really going on … conspiracy theorists might tell you that this is on purpose.

Incidentally, you can find out the current phase of the moon here … or if you have an iPhone, get one of the many excellent apps like Moon Phase

And to understand how Moon Phases work, see this excellent exposition and explanation …

… or why not have a go at taking great photographs

If you synchronise your marketing (and sales) activities to the Moon Phase, you will find that everything flows with much more ease and customers and opportunities will start to find you … as if by magic. I’ve been doing this for about two years now and have virtually abandoned all other ‘formal’ types of marketing activity.

Now there are two reasons why this works. Either the Moon is having an affect on our consciousness or it’s acting as a big reminder in the sky that we should work through our concepts in a logical manner. If it works, it’s academic if it’s either, or both, of these in operation.

The diagram below shows how to do it:

Step 1 : from new Moon to 1st quarter : engage in brainstorming activities

Step 2 : from 1st quarter to Full Moon : brief the client, get them to buy into your dream or, for yourself, just imagine where this might take you

Step 3 : from Full Moon to Last Quarter : evaluate your options, market test your ideas

Step 4 : act on your marketing plan based on acquired knowledge from the last three steps

and Step 5 is to report back in the Comments here to tell me how you get on

If you want to know more about synchronisation with natural daily, lunar monthly and yearly cycles, get a copy of my new book, The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments

If you think this is completely bonkers, just try it once before you make that call … if it’s wrong there is no harm done. If it’s right, you may find a whole new way of being and doing.