Temporal Alchemy

Quarter 4 : Five Temporal Takeaways

This is the last of four sneak previews of what’s inside my forthcoming book, Managing Time Mindfully, published on the 11th December 2015

Temporal Alchemy

Temporal Takeaway #1:
We can become hampered and restricted in how we operate in the present by what has occurred in the past. Past life regression is quick, safe and effective as a therapy and doesn’t require a belief in reincarnation for it to work.


Temporal Takeaway #2:
We are as able to tune into ‘future memories’ as we are to past memories. This is how imagination and prescience works.


Temporal Takeaway #3:
We are all natural channels and oracles. All the great artists possessed the ability to tune into divine inspiration.


Temporal Takeaway #4:
Light bulb, or aha, moments occur outside space and inside time. They are whole mind and body events.


Temporal Takeaway #5:
Time is as malleable a dimension as any of the three physical dimensions. The instrument with which we manipulate it is our mind.


Managing Time MindfullyThese themes and more are explored in the fourth quarter of my new book, Managing Time Mindfully, which is published on the 11th December — the exact date of the next New Moon.

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