So That Was 2012 !!

2012 2013Well that was a bit of a year !!

Before launching into 2013 (and taking a well deserved holiday in the sun), I thought it worth wrapping up the year on this blog with a bit of a summary of the journey I’ve been on this year.
Strangely, the only thing I had vaguely planned was to write Planes of Being but even then at the start of the year, the title and theme of the book weren’t fixed … roll on 2013 !!

So what’s planned for 2013?

Well not a lot as I am so looking forward to all the serendipities unfolding …

but I have a series of workshops planned for the last Thursday of each month – check out these happenings

… a book to co-author with the fabulous Vicki Wusche

… at least two new courses for Udemy

and the writing of next year’s opus on how to move to the next level of human evolution

So not much on really !!

Have a fabulous Xmas and stunning New Year