This World We Could Know

Whole World MetaphorI am really thrilled that my new book, This We Know is seeding new thoughts and forming a new movement.

We know that we know loads more than people say 100 years ago.

We know therefore that our descendants in 100 years will know new and different things that we don’t know.

What we also know is that the things we imagine today are the seeds of this new knowledge.

Accordingly, I’ve started interviewing some amazing New Thinkers about the kind of world they would like to see in 100 years time … or even sooner.
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“A little book with a big impact”

“In a category of its own”

“Short, elegant and perfectly formed”
… and find out why a 12 year old boy called it “mind bobbling”

The interviews are posted in reverse chronological order here as, appropriately reversing chronology is part of the mix.

Harun Rabbani on a World of Self Mastery

Pauline Crawford on Smiling and Willing-ness

Christine Miller on Creating a Self-Aware World

The World Francesca Gordon-Smith Would Like to Know

Mark Newey on Slowing Down being the New Speeding Up

What Nikki Turner Would Like to Know

Marie Taylor on Slowing Down and Appreciating More

What Jackie Walker Knows

Sherry Wakeman talking about the acquisition of knowledge …

What The English Sisters Know

Vicki Wusche on a new model for property market

Shelagh Jones on solving the fossil fuel crisis

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