Managing Time

Quarter 3 : Five Temporal Takeaways

This is the third of four sneak previews of what’s inside my forthcoming book, Managing Time Mindfully, published on the 11th December 2015.

Managing Time Mindfully

Temporal Takeaway #1:
When we procrastinate, we often become creatively uncreative and engage in everything else other than what we really should be working on. This is often a sign that a fear is lurking in our unconscious mind.


Temporal Takeaway #2:
We are awake for around 60,000 seconds each day. This leaves around 26,400 seconds to sleep and half of that again to dream. If you seed your dreams and learn how to remember and analyse them, this is not wasted time but creative time.


Temporal Takeaway #3:
Nothing in nature beats to the seconds other than the thoughts of somebody who is watching a clock.


Temporal Takeaway #4:
When we get in tune with the Moon, we stop pushing water uphill and go with the temporal flow.


Temporal Takeaway #5:
Every year, we all travel together over half a billions miles through space around the Sun on a spaceship we call Earth. It kind of makes sense if we all got along.

p.s. this blog was posted live exactly at 7:40 GMT on the 3rd December, the 2nd quarter of the Moon Phase

Managing Time MindfullyThese themes and more are explored in the third quarter of my new book, Managing Time Mindfully, which is published on the 11th December — the exact date of the next New Moon.

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