That was 2010


GerminationSo another year is nearly behind us and what a year it’s been.

For me, much of the ground work I put in place in 2008 and 2009 came to fruition and I’d like to send a big thank you out to all that have helped and contributed along the way.

Before launching into another year – and I already know 2011 has some real treats lined up – I thought it worth just capturing some of the highlights and outputs from the year.

My own scribings

Blocks available for Kindle

Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking – available in print and for Kindle

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments – published by 0-books mid-2011

Both Blocks and Flavours of Thought are being made into Enhanced Edition books in the New Year with embedded video and audio …

iPhone apps

100 Years of Ermintrude

Cards of Blessings


Gems of Wisdom

Crystals of the Divine Reality

Train in the Night

Client books

– many congratulations to you all and I’m honoured to have helped, even if in a small way

The Circle of One – Kuumba Nia

They Thought It Was All Over – Jo Simpson

Practical Spiritual Living – June Harrison

Chocks Away – James McBrearty

Addicted to Wedding Cake – Keith Churchouse

Sign Here – Keith Churchouse

A Vibe Rant Pearl – Elizabeth Campbell

Using Other People’s Money – Vicki Wusche

These books were either self-published or published by independent or cooperative publishers.

In addition, I helped three clients with their submissions to publishers who all got deals for books being published in 2011 … more news on these soon

Odds ‘n Sods

Moments of Light radio show

Train in the Night – Guildford Book Festival Short Story Anthology

Launched Flavours of Thought Facebook Page

The Master Chef Training programme – a spin off from Flavours of Thought

The Cube of Karma – a -1-2-1 mentoring programme spin off from the Master Chef Training programme

If I’ve missed anyone or anything out, many apologies please add it as a comment below … a Happy New Year to you all and may 2011 be your best year yet …

If you fancy writing that book, I can guarantee it will open doors for you that you will never have imagined … watch this space for an interesting new programme I am launching in January …

Find your inner goddess (or god)

Listen to the latest Moments of Light interview with Amy Palko.

And discover why getting in touch with your god or goddess archetype gives so much insight as to why you are here and on the work you came to do …


Amy is an amazingly creative soul on a spiritual quest to contribute towards the balancing of the masculine and the feminine through sharing the wisdom of the goddess.

She is a writer, photographer, academic, teacher, spiritual seeker, home-educating mother of 3.

Although she plays all these many roles in my life, but the thread that runs through each is the sacred feminine.

Find out more about Amy and her insightful work on her web site … and check out her photography here and on this slideshow

If you have a Moment of Light you’d like to share do get in touch

The Bookwright turns a new leaf

When working with clients with my hat of the Bookwright, it’s been clear for some time that I have always been doing much more than helping them merely write a book.

Along the creative path, if any barriers came up, I have always been well aware that they were life blocks that showed themselves up as writer’s blocks.

Examples might be not enough time in the day, fears of being ridiculed or even success and good old procrastination which shows its face with us becoming ‘busy fools’.

Since I first came up with name, I was always aware it was what’s called a phonological ambiguity – as it’s right to write a book, right?

The New Page

So the word “wright” means many things … all of which I do.

The word book also has many meanings – nowadays, it can be an ebook, an iPhone app, an Enhanced Edition book and many others.

The context though that I am using it in more and more is in it referring to the karmic book of a person’s life.

My new writings and services are increasingly geared to this …

… see my Awaken Your Inner Magician programme as an example

This all turns out to be very fortuitous as I am known as The Bookwright in many on line and off line social networks. A change of name would be a massive undertaking.

I will continue to write my own books and help others with their’s. In addition though, the main book I will be dealing with is the unfolding of the ‘book of karma’ – both my own and those of the people I work with.

So The Bookwright is here to stay and a new leaf turned …

… watch this space as the sequel is nearing first draft !!

100 Years of Ermintrude


Erminrude100 Years of Ermintrude is a book of meditative poetry and my first real foray into the world of publishing. It comprises three intertwining life stories and is told in just 99 stanzas. Although it can be read in less than an hour, it’s something that will stay with you forever and you will want to read again.

Find out why this story is making grown men cry, mothers smile and children laugh and one man said, “Stunning. I cried. That’s all.”

“Inspiring, moving, emotional, poignant and full from cover to cover with the most amazing energy. Thank you Tom. I am a different person for having read 100 Years of Ermintrude.”
“Truly a touching piece of work and artistry wonderfully complimented by the guitar music. Thought provoking to the extent I just wanted to ‘hug’ someone.”

‘Ermintrude’ started life as a PDF and morphed into an MP3 download and MP4 Jackanory-style video before I wrote the two sequels and made it as an author in print for the first time.

If you have an iPhone you can get a full multimedia version of the first story in the trilogy which will make a commute fly by here.

ermieComposite_250Two ways to get 100 Years of Ermintrude: 

The Ermintrude Trilogy on

Audio version of the 1st story in the trilogy available as an iPhone app for only 99cents

All reviews gratefully received and appreciated too …