Just a Month

Just a Month

Calendar MonthThere’s something intriguing happening to time that I feel I should share with you. Time as we know it is a’changin’ and the speed of its passage becoming controllable by our state of consciousness.

While many people claim to be time poor these days and need another hour in the week but I have uncovered some of the secrets of why time isn’t as fixed as we think.

I’ve just looked back at my last month and all of this has happened when I have also ‘spent’ loads of time caring for some family members and had every weekend off. It all comes down to learning to #LiveTimefully.

Here’s what I have generated in the last 30 days :

FFBFE_front_ACX_333#1. Produced the audiobook version of Freedom From Bosses Forever
It’s written by the brilliantly maverick and wise Tony Robinson. Apart from being an enjoyable romp of a story, Tony sprinkles the story with nuggets of business wisdom, called Leonorisms, designed to help microbusinesses both survive and thrive, with a Terry-Prachett style of humour.
Listen to Freedom from Bosses Forever today

#2. Recorded and produced six new Zone Show podcasts

Chantal Cooke on Marketing your Business Book
Helene Segura : The Inefficiency Assassin
Dr Jamie Turndorf on Why Love Never Dies
PMH Atwater on Children of the Fifth World
Sally Francis on Remembering Who Truly Are
Dr Karen Tate on the Voice of the Sacred Feminine

#3. Published three new blogs
After a bit of a hiatus, I am blogging again every Friday – this blog being a fourth!
Mindblowing Indecision
Living in the Loving Zone
Streams of Thought

Just for Me#4. Recorded four new meditative visualisations and remastered three more to create a new seven day meditative experience
In just one week, spending just 10 minutes a day, learn how to calm your mind and create a new world where magic happens.
Just for Me meditations

#5. Remastered and published four new meditative journeys to the Insight Timer app
I’ve deepened and widened the scale of my free meditations on the Insight Timer app to share some of my more esoteric explorations.
Insight Timer free for iOS & Android

Just for Today#6. Written two and a half more months worth of Just for Today daily nuggets of mindfulness
At the start of May, the 180 nuggets I wrote last summer ran out, so I’ve written a whole set of new aphorisms. Note that when I get to 365, I will publish a book of them – an example of how to write a book slowly!
Get Just for Today nuggets of mindfulness free today

Authority Guides#7. Written a brand new 20k word book I had no idea I was going to write
By way of contrast, I started writing a new book in Sue Richardson’s Authority Guide series last week and yesterday sent off the first draft of around 20,000 words. The trick I use here is to channel my future self who knows the words I have yet to write. When we do this, we jump outside time and space and time-as-we-know-it disappears.

The Authority Guides

p.s. this was also in a month when I had a cataract removed and replaced so I can now ‘half-see’ what I am doing (2nd one done next week).
Tom Evans Eye Patch

I really am not making this up, or trying to brag, and I genuinely have not put in 25 hour days or 8 day weeks. I would love to share the secrets of how I manage this so more people can make the most of their time by getting more done with less of it.

So, for the rest of Summer, until the Autumn Equinox, my Living Timefully self study programme is available for just £99 – a Summer Saving of £100.

As for planting a tree the best time to start Living Timefully is yesterday, the second best time is today !!

Just use MYBESTSUMMER on checkout to take advantage of this offer and to start taking control of your Personal Time Machine – your mind !!

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Living Timefully