Stepping off the Path

Stepping off the Path

The Path To OverstandingI am now 6 moonths into my 24 moonth project, creating the Path to Overstanding. It will come as no surprise that a project of this nature is somewhat like pulling yourself up with your own bootstraps. As I develop and create the materials, my own overstanding increases.

This is somewhat augmented by the ‘uberstanding’ conversations I have each moonth too.

As an example, I am sharing the latest one ‘publically’ to give you an idea of the sorts of themes and topics we explore.

moho In FranceIt’s important when working on such a big project to take a break from time to time. Accordingly, we spent most of June away in France in the motorhome. This meant that in May, I had to create all of June’s materials, as well as half of July’s. A break of this nature is an integral part of the path. Several revelations came my way, as well an idea for a new augmentation for the path.

The revelations were all around assumptions that I had taken on board as ‘gospel’. Specifically the notion that the superconsciousness can only be accessed via the subconscious mind. Next moonth’s materials demonstrate and teach how to go directly from the self-aware mind to the higher levels.

The creation of the path materials allow for a certain amount of rewriting and redefining. While at the same time ensuring that nothing is cast in stone.

The augmentation will kick off from September where I will be hosting several live Zooms with subscribers of the path. The reason being that video is required and the ability for Q&A. It also means those on the path get to meet others on the path.

By stepping off the path, from time to time, we can rejoin it refreshed and renewed.

The Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere

So we are now the owners of a motorhome, kind of – she was called Bunty von Burstner. Unfortunately our first planned two week trip was cut short and ‘she’ is back with the dealer as ‘she’ kept going ‘fawlty’ – if she comes back next week, we are renaming her Basil as a result!

This blog was to go live while we were on our first jaunt – two or so weeks around the Cotswolds and Welsh Borders. It’s a reminder that, in life, there is no route, no plan, no need to get anywhere at anytime. Our ‘road’ has taken us back at base, awaiting news Basil has been repaired. Words have been had with the dealer and we are paying attention some other issues at home that required some TLC.

On a more positive note, seven of twelve short stories of the Soulwaves Prequel/Sequel have now been written that have gone many places already in space and time. This leaves the door open to make the next five go to even wilder places still.

Musically too, the synths will be playing very much a background role and the guitar coming to the fore – watch and listen to this space to see what emerges in the next blog.

Tom Evans AudiobooksLast Moonth’s Output

So this last moonth is one where I was aiming to slow down, what with the new motorhome, a few day trips out and all that !

But not only did I write those seven short stories for the Soulwaves prequel/sequel but I also created two more ambient tracks, one guided meditation, an off-the-wall podcast and published two audiobooks from the archive. My audiobooks now have their own playlist.

Incidentally, the ambient tracks now number 13 and the whole playlist is over 3 hours long and where I aimed to be at the end of 2020. Some good has come from the lock down!

Slowing down is obviously the new speeding up.

Voiding Karma

by Tom Evans | The Soul-full Path

The Great Attractor

by Tom Evans | Soulwaves


by Tom Evans | Soulwaves

Talking Loud and Clear

I’ve also been blessed with some amazing conversations this past moonth …

Tom Evans Talking About Soulwaves with Dr Darian Parker

What’s Happening Next Moonth?

So assuming we get back on the road with Basil, I plan to use my trusty iPad for writing the next 2 or 3 stories and my guitar for recording melodies to go on top of new ambient layers – hopefully all inspired by the change of location leading to a change of perspective.

One of these new perspectives is to use classical tracks slowed down as the ambient layer provided by a great site called Chordify which allows the MIDI file to be downloaded – a new creative boost …

… also wondering how weird and way out I can make the remaining short stories !

The Void and The Density

The Void and The Density

The MagicianThis ‘moonth’ has seen an unprecedented level of creativity, even for me.

Three podcasts, three new ambient tracks and one guided meditation just popped out of nowhere.

More specifically they came from the Void to the Density with me as the conduit.

This process is captured visually by The Magician in the Tarot and something I explore in my MAGIC of AHA course.

When we plug into The Void something special happens with time so we get more done with less of it – hence my increase in productivity.

When we act a channel in the Density, the quality of our output is also enhanced as you can hear in the track, The Void, below. It took less than an hour to create and post-produce – and the idea came ‘from nowhere’ and wasn’t even on my To Do list.

Get free access to the MAGIC of AHA course and loads of other goodies here …

Track 0 : The Void

The Void is the a track from the Soulwaves album, inspired by the book of the same name. It tells us of The Void, a place where the Council of the Light hang out, pulling the strings of incarnate souls in the Density (i.e. us).

They do this by manipulating soulwaves, the conscious fabric on which the three dimensional Universe sits.


What people are saying …

“The sound seemed to back and forth between my ears and that always produces some very strong energy movement. It almost feels like my brain is moving around in response to the sound and the energy it’s producing.”

“Ethereal…I felt as if I was floating in space. “

“Mystical & very beautiful. I was transported somewhere, not quite sure where but space comes to mind.”

Spreading the Wave #1 : Souldalas

When I published Soulwaves, I knew from the outset that it was more than just a book. It had the potential to start a movement. So it’s with great joy that the amazing artist, Siri Opli, has started to create Souldalas.

A Souldala is a mandala that captures the essence of your soul. Art speaks directly to your soul and my Souldalas are completely individual. They make a great gift for a loved one or just a treat for yourself. When you order your Souldala, I will send you five simple questions that allow my soul to tune into yours.

Get in touch with Siri to commission yours or gift it to a loved one …

Spreading the Wave #2 : Your Future History

I am doubly honoured that intuitive astrologer Louisa Tanner Munson, is using the title and a modified strapline from the book to brand her new service.

An astrology reading is nothing short of a potential personal (or business, product or service) future history.

Get in touch with Louisa to discover yours …

Check out the detail and insight from a reading Louisa did for me to discover what you might learn ….

FacebookWhat’s Happening Next Moonth?

I am creating the next ambient track, called The Grand Tour, where I am experimenting with ‘modes of music’, inspired by Soulwave’s central character, Shen, as performs his first of many circumnavigations of the globe.

Next moonth’s guided meditation is called Entanglement and it will explore how our soul operates across space and time.

On the Zone Show podcast, I will be interviewing Christine Miller about love and Katie Brockhurst about a new age for social media.

… there will be more !!

Join the Soulwaves Facebook group to keep up with what’s going on …

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Just over 10 years ago, I published my first non-fiction book called Blocks. To accompany it, I created a set of meditations. Little did I know then that would lead me down a completely different path.

This month, my meditations reached the 2.3 million listens point on Insight Timer. By gifting them away free, so much abundance has come my way to create a new level of freedom which has taken me to a place beyond my wildest dreams.

This energetic flow is a gift that keeps on giving.

Since creating those first few meditations, I have built up an amazing repository of materials. A small fraction of these materials have found their way on to Insight Timer but, up to now, much of it has been under lock and key behind a username and password which is unlocked by the exchange of money.

From today this all changes. My archive is now freely available to all.


Access my free resources here …


In Other News

One of my most popular meditations on Insight Timer, called Just for Today, has had just short of 600k listens. A meditator asked the other day for an extended version which you can now find here – called Just a Little Longer. This is also the first ever track where I have composed and created the ambient background music … more of this in 2020.

Also I am honoured to have been chosen by Insight Timer to provide the Daily Insight on Christmas Day. It will be available in 5, 10 and 20 minute versions and is called The Turning Point. If you are ready for a change in the next orbit of the Sun, it’s an example of another gift that will keep on giving.

p.s. The Turning Point got over 4000 people meditating on Xmas Day and is now available in the archive –

Soulwaves available for pre-order

Last, but by no means least, after 15 years and 15 other books, my first novel – Soulwaves – will be published on the first Full Moon of 2020.

It’s available for pre-order now in paperback, hardback and ebook.

The audiobook has been recorded and uploaded but I have no control of publication date – it is though trickling out to a few platforms like Google Play.

Listen to the channelling from Louisa Tanner Munson to find out why it’s being published on the first Full Moon of 2020.

Why was Soulwaves published on the 1st Full Moon of 2020?

Get in touch with Louisa here if you would like some similar guidance at

and note the artwork at the top of this blog is by the very talented Siri Stiklestad Opli –
One Million Listens

One Million Listens

Tom Evans on Insight TimerThis month I reached a milestone which was not in my wildest of wild dreams and not on any To Do List, or set of goals. My meditations and podcasts on mindfulness have been listened to over 1 million times.

When we hit milestones like this, it’s a good idea to reflect back on how it was achieved and what unexpected events happened along the way.

It also pays dividends to say thanks, so big thanks to Insight Timer for making it happen and thanks to all the 280,000 meditators who listened in. This means many of them tuned in multiple times.

How it happened

The reflections are nicely captured in this podcast with fellow Insight Timer meditation guides, Louisa Tanner Munson and Carl Munson.

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”How to get 1 million listens on Insight Timer” artist=”In conversation with the Munsons” background=”default” social_gplus=”false” social_linkedin=”true” social_email=”true” ]

The unexpected events

#1 : I made a transition from an author who had some meditations as accessories to his books to becoming a popular meditation guide who happens to be an author.

#2 : This directly lead to a new career as a keynote speaker and trainer in practical applications of mindfulness.

#3 : I was commissioned to create seven meditations to help with weight management directly as a result of a meditator, and his 3 year old son, listening. The composer of the ambient background  music is Eternell, found through the app.

#4 : The popularity of Just for Today, my most listened to meditation, lead me to creating a series of daily nuggets of mindfulness of the same name. They attracted the illustrator, Siri Stiklestad Opli, and ended up in a book I didn’t plan to write and the formation of a contribution currency initiative on Patreon.

#5 : my new found status has lead to co-authoring a new book called The Big Ü and the creation of an advanced personal development programme called The Biggest Ü. It has been immensely useful in giving credibility and authority to this initiative.

#6 : a steady stream of new clients for my more esoteric self-study courses and 1-2-1 mentoring.

#7 : giving me confidence at the grand old age of 60 to finally put my head fully above the parapet.

Above all it has been the most enjoyable journey and gives me such pleasure to know that 3000 or so people each day are calmer, more relaxed and hopefully a little more enlightened.

All because Maddy Gerrard reached out in August 2016 to ask if I’d like to upload a meditation.

“It only takes one domino to make many others fall down …”

New Magic Dominoes

Big thanks to Maddy, Chris, Nico, Bayley, the rest of the team and the generous benefactors who make the impossible possible. Thanks also to the 4 million and more meditators and all my fellow meditation guides for making the best by far free app on the planet.

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