Mindblowing Indecision

Two Minds Trust

Do you ever get the feeling you don’t know if you are coming or going some days?

Perhaps you feel you are continually at a fork in the road, not knowing whether to turn left or right. You may simply be suffering from ‘twominditis’.

The Devil on Your Shoulder

Now it’s a bit of an urban myth that our left brain is logical and our right brain is creative. It’s more accurate to envisage that the left brain (in most people) handles detail and learned responses and the right brain is ‘whole-istic’ and processes new information. Even this model is a gross over-simplification.

Perhaps because of this urban myth that, when we refer to being in two minds about something, we might think that there is some inner turmoil and squabble between our brain hemispheres. This myth may well have been perpetuated by Tom and Jerry cartoons where a devil perched on a shoulder whispers in one ear while an angel advises caution in the other ear. Incidentally, the devil is often drawn on the left, or sinister, side of the cat urging him to barbecue the mouse!

The Seat of Inner-tuition

These days neuroscientists know that the human gut contains more neurons than a cat’s brain. It is also in constant communication with our head. Much of this mostly silent dialogue is concerned with requesting food and liquids. Often these come in the form of cravings.

If you have ever said, “I wished I had trusted my gut” on this or that, you will have experienced something mystics have known for ages. Our gut, or enteric, mind is the seat of intuition, sometimes in esoteric circles expressed as “inner-tuition”. Neuroscientists have also discovered something bizarre about the neurons in our gut. They seem to react to events in the external world several seconds before they occur.

It turns out that our gut is not only invariably better at making decisions than our head but it makes these decisions before we are consciously aware we need to make them.

The reason matters sometimes go awry is that our gut is a primitive mind centre when it comes to language. It only speaks with a “go” or “stop” or “yes” or “no”. It is also very quiet and is often swamped by the loud and incessant inner chatter of our so-called “monkey mind”.

Something else that mystics ’know’, and that some brighter neuroscientists are just starting two twig, is that our brain is both a generator and receiver of what are called ’thought forms’. If you think about someone just before they call you on the phone, you will have experienced the reception someone else’s generated thought forms. Again, loud inner chatter can swap out incoming whispers.

The Two Mind Conflict

Mystics also ’know’ that it is our thought forms that generate our reality, both individually and collectively.

Such thought forms are not just restricted to our heads. Our gut and heart also generate and receive. Two hearts can literally entwine or fall out of love with each other. Our guts also act as our protector and are where ’fearful’ thoughts lurk in our neurology.

While our head might hold the desire for a certain outcome, our gut mind can harbour the fear that it might not materialise. When such conflicting thought forms leak out, they can interfere with each other and we get stuck at that fork in the road. This is how being in two minds stops us in our tracks – not going left or right or forwards or backwards.

The solution to this quandary lies in invoking the considerable, and often latent, power of our heart mind. When we enter the meditative state, we can quell both the head and gut minds and allow our heart to take over. The thought form that we hold in our heart should be solely our intention!

Living HeartfullyMy Heart-full Living course is based on the wisdom of ages.

It shows you how to re-engage with all your mind centres and to allow each centre to operate to it’s natural strength. At the end of the course, there is a bonus visualisation called “The Two Mind Transmutation” which shows a powerful alchemical technique to use the heart to convey your intention.

Learn how to live heartfully today …

The Noos Channel

Avanoo Logo

I am really honoured and excited to be a member of a new group of authors with a ‘publisher’ called Avanoo who has introduced quite a revolutionary model.

For starters, the ‘publisher’ doesn’t create books but ‘Noos’ which are 2 to 3 minute audiovisual delights to open minds and expand horizons …

‘Readers’ don’t take in these gems of wisdom in one sitting, they are delivered by email daily so they can be savoured over the course of 30 days.

I’m also doubly honoured to be interviewing each and every fellow author for the Zone Show Channel over the coming months!

To find out what it’s all about, listen to this interview with the co-founder and president of Avanoo, Daniel Jacobs …

And in this podcast, Daniel turns the tables on me and explores where my temporal Noos came from …

I this podcast, Annabelle Drumm – the Kite Girl – explains how our thoughts really are things and why we should be mindful of what we are thinking …

Tom Dowd explains why being made redundant and finding a new job can be a breath of fresh air …

Helene Segura on making time to save time …

Sarah McCrum explains and explores new ways to heal (or is that old ways?) …

Candy Whirley on why it takes four, not two, to tango …

Mary O’Donohue on the importance of saying thank you and meaning it …

Rita Emmett on breaking the procrastination habit …

Nancy Bartlett on turning obstacles into opportunity …

7 Ways to Get More Done in 2014

More Time in 2014How was 2013 for you? Did you get everything done you wanted to get done?

How would you like to get more done in 2014?

Well time isn’t as fixed as you might think :: when we change our mind, we change our time. Here’s seven simple ways to change your relationship with time.

One : Ending Procrastination
It is amazing how creative we can be at not getting on with the task in hand. When it comes to doing what we really should be doing, or what we would love to do, we invent excuses galore to not-do-it. In all cases, this sort of behaviour is a symptom of a deeper malaise. When we procrastinate creatively, we are masking and hiding an underlying fear. It might be a fear of failure or even a fear of success. It could be fear of the unknown or a fear of being ridiculed. Often, it has roots back to an earlier event where the wheels came off our bus.

Remove the fear and the creative spark gets redirected where it is needed.
Two : Getting in Sync
Our man-made calendar and the 9 to 5 working week, when combined with 24×7 electric lighting, has resulted in us losing connection with natural cycles. Morning people just can’t produce as well in the afternoons. Each month, the Moon orbits our planet and has a massive impact on the creative cycle. Spring-time is the perfect time to leap into action and autumn is the perfect time to harvest.

When we go with the temporal flow, we stop pushing time uphill.
Three : Kronos and Kairos
The Greeks knew this but only recently neuroscientists have re-discovered that we have two minds of time. For most people, the left brain sits inside space and time; simultaneously the right brain lives everywhere and ’everywhen’ else. Energise both hemispheres by going for a good walk, or cross crawling, or give them a task they work on together and time takes on an ethereal quality.

It is just like magic because all magic tricks are only magic until we know how the trick is done.
Four : It’s Madness not to Meditate
It is thought that every minute spent in the deep meditative state extends our longevity by an equal amount of time, or more. Not only that but our well-being and vitality improves so we lose less time being ill, or just under the weather and under-performing. What’s more, when we take 10-20 minutes of “me-time” out every day, we get it back in spades with the serendipities and chance encounters we experience by being more tuned in.

Perfect opportunities come in when we least expect them too – and always just-in-time.
Five : The Intention Field
Thoughts don’t become things, they are things. Every thought we have generates an intention field around it that sends ripples out through the collective mind that bounce back at us. Simply by engaging both hemispheres on a task, we send out a signal that we are busy. You will find the phone doesn’t ring when you are really zoned on a task in this manner.

The intention field gets generated automatically and requires no energy but a particular kind of breath – and we all have to breathe anyway.
Six : Whole Mind Thinking
Our consciousness is sited all over our body and only concentrated around major nerve ganglia. As we have billions of neurons in our brains, for most people upon awakening, our inner dialogue naturally shouts the loudest. As a result, we assume our head is where all the ‘action’ is when it comes to matters of consciousness and awareness. This has the tendency of masking signals from other important nerve centres, specifically those in our heart and our gut. From an evolutionary perspective, these mind centres are older and in some ways wiser. They also operate a few seconds ahead of our conscious awareness and they are always, always right.

When we get our head, heart and gut in alignment, we become unstoppable.
Seven : Letting Stuff Arrive
Rather than thinking we have to turn up, when you apply the six hacks above all together, all we have to do is to allow things to arrive. Life stops being a chore and we begin to enjoy a charmed existence.

Also what turns up is better than our wildest dreams and always perfectly timed.

Why live timelessly?

Start Living Timefully

Living Timefully

To Don’t Lists

60 Second Time TipIf you are one of those people who has a To Do List which never gets done, the best way to deal with it is to start a “To Don’t” List.

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