Walking Well

Walking Well

For as long as I can remember, I have had a painful right knee. I’ve had various treatments and fixes over the years but nothing has really worked and now I am down to bone on bone. Even if you aren’t medically trained, I think you can see the problem in the banner above – the knee on the left is my right knee.

By the time this auspicious New Moon of the 6th October 2021, I will have one of these implants inserted – an insertion of a different sort perhaps.

So why share it in this blog? Well, my first ever overnight in a hospital bed is a reminder of my mortality but it also represents a turning point. I have literally limped along for most of my life and achieved a fair amount. I am wondering where I might go once I can walk well again for the first time since my childhood.

Naturally, the operation is the just first step. There will be a recovery and recuperation period with physio. Like all these life resets though, there is an opportunity to get other parts of the house in order.

One of these has been inspired by an amazing happenstance. When I found the extraordinary surgeon and biomedical engineer who can perform this procedure on my knee, Professor David Barrett, I also chanced upon his ex-surgical practitioner, Mery Zanutto. I love it when adversity leads to fantabulous serendipity.

Apart from knowing lots about knees, and confirming this procedure is the right one for me, Mery is one of life’s polymaths with many strings to her bow, see www.meryzanutto.com

And I am so proud Mery has already added another string to that bow, she is now a meditation guide on Insight Timer and her first track is entitled Walking Well – listen to it and others here www.insighttimer.com/meryzanutto

Don’t you just love it when that happens? What goes around so comes around.

Last Moonth’s Output

So the usual Insertions ambient track, meditation and lecture are all available via Soundwise. A whole gamut of stuff has appeared on Insight Timer, too much to list but you can find it all here.

What I am really excited and chuffed about though is formalising my offer that many meditation guides have adopted and that’s using my ambient music as backgrounds to their meditations.

So there’s a new Soundcast that I will add to monthly where you can sample them and when you subscribe, you’ll get a link to a page with the direct download page.

Note that there is a small annual subscription but if you subscribe to the whole package, it’s included.

Subscribe to all my premium content for just $79.99 (paid annually)

Just get access to my ambient music for your meditations

Siri Minor ArcanaNext Moonth’s Output

As I am going ‘under the knife’, I’ve got the whole of October’s Soundwise content recorded and scheduled for publication. I have to tell you that I have taken the brakes off and I am revealing alchemical magic that even surprises me. Hold on to your hats.

I am also really thankful to Siri Opli who is posting the daily Just for Today’s. We are creating a Minor Arcana deck with two differences – 15 cards per suit and five suits no less. This time the tables are turned as I have written them already and Siri uses the words to inspire her art.

While all this is going on, I’ve paused the writing of the Duadex for a while – listen here for why.

Royalty-free ambience for meditations
Comings and Goings

Comings and Goings

Time to Book Launch









In 2020, we saw the Barnards Castlestrange behaviour of Dominic Cummings ‘going’ to Barnard’s Castle – something we did slightly more legally and ethically in our new motorhome later in the year.

This last year also saw lots of things coming along for me. The long-awaited novel Soulwaves : A Future History that finally came along to the world in January.

Then a whole five hours of ambient soundscape inspired by the novel popped out of nowhere. I also had the notion that a few guided meditations might come my way. What I wasn’t expecting was a whole series called the Soul-full Path would turn up. It uses the ambient album as its background layer and rocks in at four hours long of guidance on how you can allow you path to be shown to you.

Somewhere along the way twelve podcast guests and ten other guided meditations came my way too!

The real unexpected arrival though was the prequel and sequel to the novel in the form of twelve short stories entitled Soulwaves : Insertions. Unlike the novel, which took 15 years and 15 other books before it came along, the stories were conceived and written in lockdown.

To cap everything off, when I was least expecting it, I was approached by the CEO of an app called Soundwise which allows me to collate all my audio outputs into one place. So that’s meditations, music, podcasts, courses and audiobooks all under one wrapper.

That’s what you call a real opening up during a so-called lockdown.


For the new to come along, some of the old often has to leave. 

Hopefully the arrival of this virus augurs the end of some of the Old Ways. Some tyrants have had their day, as has some abuse of planetary resources. For example, gone too is the idea of commuting as the norm.

So the desire to write much more non-fiction has gone. Writing fiction has replaced it – so in 2021, I aim to write the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology. The working title is The Duadex, picking up as it does from the last story in Insertions.

I do plan those to create an interactive and immersive guide on how to connect with your muse – and guides. It will include theory and practice on how to allow creativity to flow through you.

I’ve allowed The Zone Show podcast to go and be replaced by Soulwaves : The Podcast.

What is behind all of these goings is any fear associated with speaking my truth and sharing what I think. Fiction and metaphor is of course a useful tool here – hence the 11th story in Insertions which centres around COVID-38 in 2039.

Gone too is any notion of thinking small. It’s high time more peeps awakened to to their full potential. I have much to share in this regard.

A Cunning Plan?

So everything kicks off in 2021, on the 1st New Moon, when I am hosting a Virtual Book Launch at 7pm UK time on the 13th January. This is also when my new content on Soundwise starts to build, as the 1st track of the Insertions Album will go live to subscribers.

… sign up for the launch here, get a free sample chapter of the new book and I’ll notify you where you can watch and interact with the launch.

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Then on each Full Moon, starting on the 28th Jan, I will publish a guided meditation on each of the numbers 1 to 12. Each subsequent New Moon will see another track from the album PLUS a live lecture on each number.
Then, in Spring, the next installment of the Soulwaves Anthology will leak out – along with guidance on how you too can tap into the source of creativity.

Sounds like a plan?

Insertions Bundle

Soundwise Launch Offer
Winding Down and Winding Up

Winding Down and Winding Up

The High PriestessThe two pillars in the High Priestess card in the Tarot represent Involution and Evolution.

Involution is like a winding down, or curling up, and it leads to evolution when it unfolds again.

Reflecting on this natural cycle, the High Priestess sits on a Cube (more on this coming up over the next few months) and holds the scroll of Tora, which contains all wisdom.

It’s no coincidence that this last month has seen much involution as the next phase of evolution is about to arrive.

Just for Today

After nearly four years of writing them, and two years of having them illustrated by the wonderful Siri Stiklestad Opli, the last Just for Today will be posted today. Is that the end of them though? No way! They begat from a meditation and every month going forward I’ll be publishing a new meditation based using the words “just for today” as the seed.

This is the meditation that started them off – eponymously called Just for Today …

You can listen to the others for free on Insight Timer

and just sharing my favourite illustrated JFT again here (must get that T-shirt done!)

Bewitch and Beguile

Non-fiction to fiction author

TetrahedronSoulwaves will be back from the editor today and I’ll be spending the next three months getting it ready for publication. This will involve incorporating the edits, updating the science (thanks brother John) and narrating the audiobook as the final process of the edit. If I can’t say it “out loud”, readers won’t be able to experience it “in loud”.

I’ve also been learning about how to get a book made into film or TV. This book would need a serious rewrite so I’m looking at either an adaptation, or a new series of sequels/prequels written for telly using the principles of soulwaves as a seed. Black Mirror is my muse!

Surrey to Wiltshire

Solar energy exportAfter over 20 years in our wonderful house in Surrey, this month it came under offer and we’ll (hopefully) be permanently moving to the new ‘passive’ and eco-friendly house in Wiltshire in July. This passing represents a huge transition too, from living in a 100 year old energy inefficient house to one which virtually runs itself and in Summer sends energy to the grid.

With much less energy drain, finances free up too. In addition, my latest courses on Insight Timer are now providing a decent sleeping income. All of which means, I will be free to write 24×7 (ideas come in dreams too).

What goes around, comes around … listen to this podcast for a summary of the journey so far.

NEXT MONTH : How cogs whir when pebbles are dropped in the pod … and you keep a quiet mind to allow the ripples to come back.

A Quarter Billion Miles

A Quarter Billion Miles


The Earth travels over a half billion miles each year as it orbits around the Sun.

So today, on the Summer Solstice, we’re 1/4 of a billion miles into that journey. It’s a good time to reflect on the journey so far and make some plans for the remainder of this year’s orbit.

Here’s mine … do feel free to share yours by way of comment below :

MBTMThe journey so far

Just for Today Speech bubbleThe next 1/4 billion miles

  • Write another 140 Just for Today’s
  • Publish the first in a series of illustrated Just for Today books, with Siri Sticklestad
  • Make Just for Today merchandise available
  • Get out a bit more as a speaker on mindfulness and timefulness
  • Finish writing my novel to be published on my 60th birthday next year

p.s. If you want to know how to produce this volume of creative output, take the Mindfulness-based Time Management self-study course

The Cascade of Creativity

cascade of creativityThe difference between people who have success with their ideas and people who just have brilliant ideas is their ability and propensity for getting things done.

Some people are naturals at making things happen and others seem to struggle.

To give some help to the latter people and insight to the former, it is worth considering where ideas come from in the first place and our role in making them happen in the Physical Plane.

Planes of BeingIt is postulated by scientists these days that what we see in the material plane is the tip of a multi-dimensional iceberg. This has been ‘known’ for thousands of years by metaphysicians. The Minor Arcana of the Tarot is an ancient model for how this ‘iceberg’ is constructed and operates. My book, Planes of Being, explores and expands on this in more detail.

In short, we are multi-dimensional beings experiencing a three dimensional existence, playing out along a forward-arrow of time. This is a pervasive illusion which we can learn to ‘see’ through by entering the meditative state.

What’s more, we are all connected by the dimensions above us and each higher ‘odd’ dimension is imbued with intelligence and consciousness. These ‘intelligences’ are seen by some as ‘beings’ but we can also think of them as discarnate aspects of ‘Us’ – as everything is connected.

Making Ideas Happen

When we have an idea, or light bulb, aha or eureka moment, what we have done is to tap into the 9th dimension also known as the Archetypal Plane. This is the Plane of Ideas.

The Archetypal Plane is connected via the 8th dimension, or Plane of Thought, to the 7th dimension known as the Creative Plane. Here the ideas can form into potentialities of what we can do with the idea.

The Creative Plane is connected via the 6th dimension, or Plane of Light, to the 5th dimension known as the Formative Plane. Here the creations form into a plan which is mapped out across time.

The Formative Plane is connected via the 4th dimension, of Plane of Time, to the Physical Plane or 3rd dimension. Here’s where the idea can come into what we refer to as existence.

When we experience a light bulb moment, what happens is we get information from all the planes at the same time. This can cause us to rush into the delivery of an idea before some elements are in place. For some, the idea just consumes them and nothing gets done.

Working with the Moon

If you want a handy and practical way to work methodically through the cascade of creativity, you can work with the Moon Phases. This video explains how …


The Magic of AhaIf you want to know more about how to have ideas on demand and how to make the good ones actually happen, then my self-study course, The MAGIC of AHA, shows you how.

What’s more, as the course helps you enhance your Third Eye sight, £20 of your investment will be donated to my EyeLove campaign. This will fund the removal of a cataract for someone in the developing world.

Learn about the MAGIC of AHA here …

And read this blog to find out more …

Cataracts of the Third Eye