A Year for Stepping Up

A Year for Stepping Up

Stepping Up in 2017Before embarking on another year, it pays dividends to reflect on the year just gone.

For me, 2016 was one amazing year and an example of how any formal goal setting can actually hamper our progress. So-called “SMART goals” are better than having no goals at all. Perhaps where they are not so smart after all is that they can lead us to manifesting the ego’s desires, rather than to follow the soul’s calling.

p.s. my two meditations, Just Imagine and Just Be, from my Meditations for Relaxation, lead us to a much better outcome all round.

This Was 2016

By way of example, this is what unfolded in 2016, all of which I had definitely not planned !

What’s Planned for 2017?

So, in retrospect, 2016 was one of my most successful and productive years yet. That said, and on reflection, I know now with hindsight I could have done things better. Knowing too that planning might not be ideal, how can I hope to improve on 2016 in 2017?

The key lies in setting goals based on what I’d like to learn, which is :

  • How to take my meditations to a wider audience with speaking engagements and virtual presentation opportunities
  • How to develop, deepen and mature the many co-creation opportunities that have come my way
  • How to create meditations that help specific groups of people and address specific issues
  • How to get my books on to the bestseller list
  • How to monetise my new found skills as an interviewer and take my podcast from 200k listens to 2 million and beyond

Having a Meta-strategy

When we set ourselves a meta-strategy, what I have found happens is that all the resources we need seems to pop along just when you need them. By sharing your strategy with others, the perfect co-creators seem to pop along just when you need them too. So here goes …

My meta-strategy is to help awaken humanity, and the planet as a whole, to the next level of consciousness

There, I have said it – now your turn – pop yours in by way of comment below. You never know who is reading this who might be able to help you achieve it !!

p.s. if achieving any of the above appeals to you and you want to know how, I’d be delighted to help, get in touch !!