In Thirteen Moons

In Thirteen Moons

soulwaves insertionsThe Last Thirteen Moonths

Thirteen Moon orbits ago, I finally published a novel that I started 15 years and 15 other books ago. Then, in the first lockdown, a book I hadn’t planned wandered along. It’s a set of shortish stories that are both prequels and sequels to that novel.

From today, Soulwaves : Insertions is available in print, ebook and audiobook on all the usual platforms.

And I am having a launch ‘party’ to celebrate which you can catch in the Soulwaves Group on Facebook – or on my YouTube Channel if Facebook isn’t your bag.

In the last thirteen moons, something more than just my first novel came along. It inspired a five hour album of ambient soundscapes and a four hour meditation series called the Soul-full Path.

This second book has a similar future vector.

The Next Thirteen Moonths

On each New Moon, starting today, I will release an ambient track which will form the Insertions Album – each track inspired by the numbers 1 to 12, as are the chapters in the book.

Each Full Moon will see the release of a guided meditative visualisation also inspired by the numbers 1 to 12.
And to wrap each ‘moonth’ up, starting with February’s New Moon, there will be a live lecture on the significance of each number and how we can use them in our lives.

Insertions Bundle

Tom Evans SoundcastsUnification

Towards the end of 2020, I got an email from the CEO of an app called Soundwise. It is something I had been looking for. It gives me a unified platform where I can host audiobooks, meditation series, albums, courses and a podcast.

What’s more listeners can sample content for free, invest in an individual item or subscribe to my whole portfolio – and interact with me and other listeners too!

So I made my pre-2020 content freely available at the beginning of this year … it was this act that encouraged the arrival of the post-2020 content delivery mechanism.

There’s a couple of other activities that I have unified at the same time.

The end of 2020 saw the last Zone Show Podcast episode and Soulwaves : The Podcast is replacing it. Instead of conversations about the zone, we’ll be more soul-lead.

Also, for the last three and a half years, I’ve been co-creating and sharing daily memes called Just for Today, with artist, musician and guide Siri Opli. For the next 13 moon orbits, they will track the numerological focus of that moonth. This moonth will all be about Unification and they will be published exclusively in the Soulwaves Facebook Group. This is the place to hang out if you want to catch the ‘wave.

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What’s Next?

Something else rather special will be happening over the next 13 moon orbits.

I will be writing the third book in the Soulwaves Anthology. It’s called The Duadex and will bring together many of the strands and threads from the first two books in the series. It is being specifically written to be made into a film or TV series, ideal for James Cameron or Christopher Nolan to direct, or for Ridley Scott to produce … I don’t mind which.

More specifically, it will be serialised exclusively to subscribers to my new app, starting from Spring this year.

Publishing in Tune with the Moon

Managing Time MindfullyLast week while away on what was to be a walking holiday, an unexpected broken leg meant I ended up writing a little more than I planned. The Universe obviously had a different type of ’break’ in mind for me.

I wrote a few months worth of my mindful Just for Today messages and mind mapping the next book in my series on practical mindfulness, which is entitled “Managing Time Mindfully”. I had the light bulb moment that the book ought to be structured in four quarters each with 3 chapters – i.e. mimicking a clock face with its quarters and a year with its seasons.

The new structure will lead me to explore the very nature of time, and our perception of it, in a much more expansive manner than I had previously planned.

While mapping the chapters on Natural Time, a second idea came along that I ought to publish the next book on a New Moon. I realised in my exhuberance to publish the first introductory book in the series, Mindful Timeful Kindful, I had paid no attention to when I published it.

I imagine my delight and surprise when I found it was published on the 13th September – you guessed it, the last New Moon.

This blog is purposely timed for the exact time of October’s New Moon and my publishing plan for the next few ’moonths’ has been ’given’ to me. Each book will get to 1st draft for the New Moon prior to its publication. This of course is nicely self-fulfilling and what happens when we live timefully.

Publishing Plan

13th September 2015 : Book Zero : Mindful Timeful Kindful

11th December 2015 : Book One : Managing Time Mindfully

5th June 2016 : Book Two : Managing Money Mindfully

29th November 2016 : Book Three : Creating Ideas Mindfully

Practical Mindfulness Series

By the way, if you are wondering how I could even contemplate writing and publishing a book every three months, the secrets are revealed in the next book.
Moon Phase