Publish a book in a month

This We Know on an iPadLast year I wrote and published a book I had no idea I was about to write. I started writing it on the 3rd September and it was ready for publication on the 17th.

It shot into the top 10 books in Philosophy on the UK Kindle store by the end of September and the amazing reviews tell of the impact it is having on readers.

Here’s how I it came to pass …

Step 1: Have a Cracking Idea
I was watching my lovely partner snoozing on the sofa and wondered how many other people were also asleep right at that time. I also wondered how many people who were awake were also really ‘asleep’.
Step 2: Have an Immovable Deadline
I was presenting a workshop on creativity on the 27th September at Sadler’s Wells at the Transformational Media Summit and wondered if I could write a book with a big message – and get it published in time so I could use it as a case study for the journalists attending.
Step 3: Don’t Write a Big Book
To print a title and author name on the spine, you need about 100 pages or so. This equates to around 10,000-12,000 words. My aim was to write a book that could be read in a single commute or sitting.
Step 4: Learn How to Bend Time
I have been studying how we perceive the passage of time and I know some psychological and physiological ways to stretch time so we can get more done in less linear time. See Bending Time to find out how you can do this too.
Step 5: Write Short Chapters
A short chapter can be written and read in one session. What I do is meditate before each writing session for 20 minutes and I can then generate around 1000 words in an hour or so. The chapters in this book were actually around 500 words long so they could be re-syndicated in a blog.
Step 6: Review but Don’t Edit
Before writing each chapter, I review the previous chapter so I don’t duplicate and I ensure continuity and fluidity over the whole book. I only edit massive faux pas but don’t try and proof read or edit the whole. Incidentally, I normally Mind Map my books but this time it just came from ‘nowhere’.
Step 7: Know When To Finish
With epublication and print on demand, subsequent editions are easy. So when the 10,000 words or so are done and the base story is told, that’s time to wrap on this edition.
Step 8: Get Someone Else to Proof Read It
It’s impossible to mark your own homework so get professional, or a friend or colleague with an eye for detail, to read it and sanity check that it’s a Good Book and tells a solid story.
Step 9: Format It Nicely and Upload It to a PoD or ePub service
I use the CompletelyNovel print on demand service for my print books as it is so easy – and support is brilliant. Books normally arrive in 5 to 7 days. I uploaded it on the 17th of September and the box below arrived on the 20th in just three days!!
Step 10: Spread The Word
After finding a couple of other errors in the print books (so much easier than on screen), I uploaded it to the Amazon KDP platform and by the 21st September, it was available to download globally for less than the price of a cup of coffee. A few tweets and Facebook posts later and the reviews started flying in.

First delivery of This We Know

The Golden Age of Self-publishing

It’s simply never a better time to be an author. You can go from edited manuscript to publishing it globally as an ebook within a couple of days and in print within just a few days.

My guest this week on the Barefoot Book show was Joel Friedlander who has written an amazing book called A Self Publisher’s Companion which, in my opinion, is the new bible for both authors and publishers who want to get in print and share their message with the world.

Have a listen to this week’s broadcast to find out more …

Listen on the iPhone and iPad here

A Self Publisher’s Companion

No matter what kind of book you want to publish, you’ll find advice, inspiration and down-to-earth tips from an expert designer who has spent years helping self-publishers launch their own life changing books.

Today’s author needs to get up to speed with so many things that are very new. Do you know your way around:

  • Print on demand and digital book production?
  • Typeface selection and how it impacts the readability of your book?
  • Ways to monetize your content, spread your word and gather your tribe?

Get this fabulous book in print or for your Kindle, iPhone or iPad … more details here


Jackie WalkerCalling all Authors

If you have a book you want to promote, by far the best way to do it is to have someone interview you about it.

I can highly recommend a great way to do this and that’s to use Jackie Walker’s Soundwave Interview service.

Jackie can also organise a slot on the Barefoot Book show as part of the service – details here

That was 2010


GerminationSo another year is nearly behind us and what a year it’s been.

For me, much of the ground work I put in place in 2008 and 2009 came to fruition and I’d like to send a big thank you out to all that have helped and contributed along the way.

Before launching into another year – and I already know 2011 has some real treats lined up – I thought it worth just capturing some of the highlights and outputs from the year.

My own scribings

Blocks available for Kindle

Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking – available in print and for Kindle

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments – published by 0-books mid-2011

Both Blocks and Flavours of Thought are being made into Enhanced Edition books in the New Year with embedded video and audio …

iPhone apps

100 Years of Ermintrude

Cards of Blessings


Gems of Wisdom

Crystals of the Divine Reality

Train in the Night

Client books

– many congratulations to you all and I’m honoured to have helped, even if in a small way

The Circle of One – Kuumba Nia

They Thought It Was All Over – Jo Simpson

Practical Spiritual Living – June Harrison

Chocks Away – James McBrearty

Addicted to Wedding Cake – Keith Churchouse

Sign Here – Keith Churchouse

A Vibe Rant Pearl – Elizabeth Campbell

Using Other People’s Money – Vicki Wusche

These books were either self-published or published by independent or cooperative publishers.

In addition, I helped three clients with their submissions to publishers who all got deals for books being published in 2011 … more news on these soon

Odds ‘n Sods

Moments of Light radio show

Train in the Night – Guildford Book Festival Short Story Anthology

Launched Flavours of Thought Facebook Page

The Master Chef Training programme – a spin off from Flavours of Thought

The Cube of Karma – a -1-2-1 mentoring programme spin off from the Master Chef Training programme

If I’ve missed anyone or anything out, many apologies please add it as a comment below … a Happy New Year to you all and may 2011 be your best year yet …

If you fancy writing that book, I can guarantee it will open doors for you that you will never have imagined … watch this space for an interesting new programme I am launching in January …

Writing and Publishing a Book in less than a Month

In September 2012, I wrote a book I wasn’t planning to write and published it in print and for Kindle in just 18 days, from start to finish.

Fellow author Jackie Walker did the same a week or so later!!

In this webinar, we describe the process we followed …

To find out what you can also achieve in less than a month, download our books here …

This We Know

Around the House in Eighty Days

and to find out how you can create as many hours as you need, check out

The Bending Time eCourse


The Bending Time Live Workshop