living an awakened lifeI had the great pleasure of interviewing Master Charles Cannon on the Zone Show recently after reading his book, Living an Awakened Life. I highly recommend the book and you can listen to the podcast here.

Around 26m30s in you will hear me ask him what he meant by a lovely, evocative phrase that jumped out at me from the book …

“Meditation is your ally in transition”

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I’ve been musing on this phrase for a week or so and feel minded to explain and explore the nature of this transition … having been through it myself and being on ‘the other side’ for some years now.

The transition comes in three phases :

RelaxedPhase 1 : Short Term Benefits
After meditating every day, for a couple of weeks and for just 10 minutes a day, we get pretty much an instant payback on our investment of time. We become more relaxed and our stress levels reduce. We become more tolerant of situations that would normally annoy us and, in turn, we become more pleasant to be around. We discover that meditation is a ‘nice addiction’ to have.

ActivationPhase 2 : Medium Term Realisations
After meditating for a month or two, new areas in our neurology become activated and our mind expands to a new level of capacity. We become more creative and more productive. We also begin to discover we get more done, of higher quality, in less time and that external events and serendipities begin to turn up just at the right time. In short, we stop pushing water uphill and start to go with the temporal flow.

AwakeningPhase 3 : Long Term Awakenings
After about a year or so of practice, we look back on who we used to be and wonder how we got so stressed. At some point on our journey, we will have experienced examples of what look like magic. We live in a brighter and kinder world, with a glass which is not so much half full as it is over-brimming. At least one amazing change has unfolded within us and at least one life changing opportunity lands at our feet. We awaken our fully alive powers and become a force for change and transformation in whatever endeavour we apply ourselves to.

Insight TimerIf you are intrigued and minded to make such a transition and to make meditation your ally, where do you start?

I am so passionate about sharing what I have learned and experienced, the first steps are free and the following steps inexpensive. Like planting a tree, the best time to start meditating is yesterday and the second best time is today. Here’s how to dip you toe into a new way to be.

Step 1 : Free
Download the free app Insight Timer and check out my free meditations – and those of the many other fabulous guides you will find there.

and hear from Chris Plowman, the CEO, on the 365 day meditation challenge in 2017 – a kind of collective transition
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Step 2 : Buy My New Book
My latest book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness, explains more about the medium term benefits to be had. It comes too with ten 10 minute guided meditations so you can experience the most common types of meditative techniques.

Step 3 : Open Your Minds
For more experienced meditators, my Heart-full Living course takes you on a 15 day journey into another state of being. Your will awaken dormant and nascent mind centres and form a new relationship with your thoughts. As you open your Third Eye, and other mind centres, part of your investment will be donated to fund eye surgery for someone in the developing world. What goes around comes around.

Step 4 : Awaken Your Inner Magician
I have also developed a program for advanced explorers called Awaken Your Inner Magician. This program is available as a fully mentored or self-study course. It is like a software upgrade for the soul, or a death-less reincarnation. Only those who have taken steps 1, 2 and 3 will be invited to partake.

Further listening and reading

This podcast explains more about the applications for practical mindfulness
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